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With the arrival of the peak decoration season in Wuhan, it can be seen that Wuhan decoration companies, large and small, have taken out their own decoration activities to attract the attention of the owners. All kinds of discount and promotion information are overwhelming, and the owners are also dazzled and confused their judgment. In such a decoration and promotion season, the decoration owners must polish their eyes and cannot be blinded by the promotion of some decoration companies. In fact, there are hidden traps in it

first, there are traps under the discount promotion of the decoration company

in the contract, the owner friend must find out how to calculate the discount written in it: Mr. Wang was also eager to do home decoration half a year ago. So he went online to find many Wuhan decoration companies, and finally reached an agreement with a decoration company on price negotiation, because the decoration company agreed to give Mr. Wang a discount of 6%. Such a good thing also made Mr. Wang very happy, and he felt that he had saved a lot of money this time. However, when signing the decoration contract, Mr. Wang, who was careful, found that the originally negotiated clause of "all decoration expenses shall be subject to a 60% discount" had become "all decoration expenses shall be subject to a 60% discount at the budgeted price". Mr. Wang was very puzzled by this little difference in statement. Finally, he asked his colleagues with decoration experience and realized that the decoration company's so-called 60% discount on the budget price actually hid a huge conspiracy of the decoration company - the projects added later cannot be discounted. So Mr. Wang insisted that the decoration company change the word to the former, but it was prevaricated and rejected by the decoration company. It turns out that these decoration companies rely on low-cost budgets to lure owners, and finally grab high profits from additional projects in actual expenditures. Even with a 60% discount, this fee may not be cost-effective. After this, Mr. Wang sighed that fortunately, he found it early at that time, or he would only be slaughtered

second, after receiving the full payment, there is no trace

an owner in Hankou suffered such a loss. He signed a decoration contract with a decoration company because of its low quotation, but the development of things is always unexpected. That is, after the decoration progressed to more than half and Mr. Liu also paid 95% of the amount, the decoration company evaporated, and Mr. Liu's home was "unfinished", because the remaining workload is not much, Many new decoration companies are also unwilling to accept it. Mr. Liu has to spend more money to invite the company again and do the docking work of the decoration project again. In view of this situation, Xiaobian suggested that the owners should set aside part of the money in the agreement as a deposit for a period of time, and this part of the money is best the profit of the decoration company

third, replace

with inferior goods of the same brand. When the owner signs the contract in a decoration company, he must be clear about the list of building materials, because the prices of building materials products of the same brand are likely to vary greatly in different series. Ms. Hou, an owner, particularly favored a certain brand of flooring, so when signing the contract with the decoration company, she specifically indicated that the brand of flooring should be used. At that time, the decoration company agreed, and both parties also agreed on a very attractive preferential price. After the decoration company dragged the materials to the scene, Ms. Hou took a look at the brand she really liked, so she confidently handed it over to the home decoration company for installation. As a result, less than three months after Ms. Hou's new home was decorated and checked in, she found that some floors began to crack, which made Ms. Hou very confused. Later, Ms. Hou consulted the manager of the floor brand, and it turned out that the worst kind of the brand was used for their home

IV. subcontracting customers charge extra fees

some decoration companies do not do business by themselves, but subcontract to others to collect money after signing a contract with the owner. A news report once said that when an owner was supervising and accepting the home decoration project, the construction team of the house decoration suddenly asked where a light should be installed? This problem makes the owner unbelievable. The construction team of a home decoration company is completely unprofessional and doesn't look at the drawings. How can such decoration quality be guaranteed? Later, a worker told the owner that after signing the home decoration contract, the decoration company subcontracted the business to the construction team, and the "management fee" of 10% of the amount was no longer involved. This irresponsible practice is the most popular trick in decoration companies. Therefore, the editor should remind the owners to visit the construction site before signing the contract and ask the workers some basic information, such as the strength of the company or other problems related to the decoration company

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