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Other methods of CD printing

with the update of technology, more new printing technologies continue to penetrate into CD printing. At present, digital printing, flexographic printing, etc. are also gradually applied to CD. In recent years, a control valve with performance and price between servo valve and ordinary proportional valve has emerged. High performance electro-hydraulic proportional directional valve printing, together with the previously commonly used sticker and other processes, There are various printing methods for optical discs

1. stickers

CD stickers have the advantage of rich and bright colors, which can well show the gradual color. However, at present, stickers are not widely used in CD surface decoration, and only some Express Printing stores use them when making a small number of personalized CDs. Because this method is not suitable for mass production, the efficiency is very low, and the durability of the sticker is very poor, which is easy to damage the disc

it is worth mentioning that in case of major mistakes in CD printing, stickers can be used to remedy them

2. digital printing

in recent years, digital printing has developed rapidly, and is more and more used in various printing. Its application in CD printing is very natural

when digital printing discs are used, the digital images produced by computers can be directly transmitted to the digital printing machine for printing, without film and plate making processes, and the product quality is stable. The production capacity can reach 3600 ~ 4000 pieces/hour, which can improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost for enterprises

however, like the digital printing applied to paper, the CD-ROM digital printing is not suitable for mass production at present. In addition, due to the high cost of digital printing equipment and the low profit of CD-ROM printing itself, digital printing needs to wait for the maturity of technology if it wants to invest in CD-ROM printing in a large area

it is necessary to protect, debug, maintain and clean these curve instruments and load curve instruments. 3. inkjet printing

nowadays, small-scale inkjet printers for office and household use are very common. In the competition, many manufacturers are constantly improving the functions of equipment to maintain their market share. At present, some small-scale inkjet printers have the function of printing optical discs

the ink-jet printing method applicable to the production of single piece or small batch VCD discs has the advantage of high resolution, which can reach more than 2880dpi and good printing effect; It is suitable for small batch production of single sheet or no more than 100 sheets. It is especially suitable for wedding celebration VCD and commemorative CD. I sometimes even record the rapid development of electric vehicles in China while running, which has driven the rapid growth of lithium diaphragm industry and the use of personal electronic photo CD. The disadvantage is that the price is high, and the price disadvantage is obvious in mass production

4. flexographic printing

although UV flexographic printing in recent years is still a new printing method in CD and DVD industries, it can greatly improve the printing quality of optical discs. Therefore, it can be considered that UV flexographic printing will be an attractive printing method in the near future

nowadays, the demand for CDs, movies and various software CDs is increasing, and the requirements for CD printing quality are also increasing. At the same time, with more and more high-tech integrated into the printing technology, I believe that the CD-ROM printing technology will also be continuously improved, and there will be more and more ways to choose

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