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Changzhou launched fqz-f/1600-a automatic paper tray Slitter

Changzhou Daming Paper Tube Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces paper tubes, paper barrels and other mechanical equipment and products. It can develop high-energy density lithium batteries and super capacitors based on graphene. The company has a good foundation for the research and development of paper tube machinery and continues to develop new products according to market demand. Recently, through the joint efforts of engineering and technical personnel, the company has overcome technical difficulties, successfully developed a new fqz-f/1600-a automatic tray slitter and has been successfully introduced to the market

the machine adopts the active winding mode of the outer circle of the paper tape tray after slitting, which greatly improves the slitting speed and the compactness of the paper tape tray. It is electrically operated, clamped and adjusted left and right, controls the size of the flash and the pneumatic suction device of the flash, and uses a hydraulic platform for unloading. The whole machine has the advantages of stable and reliable operation, high efficiency and convenient operation. It can be produced with only one operator

main technical parameters: width of original paper cylinder ≤ 1600mm, diameter of original paper sheet ≤ 1200mm, width of finished paper tray ≥ 40mm, thickness of original paper ≥ 0.10mm, cutting speed 0-100m/min, width tolerance of cutting paper strip ± 0.20mm

as the machine has certain competitiveness in terms of technology, practicality and price, it has a broad market prospect. At the same time, it has driven the sales of other supporting equipment with a critical value of 0.025mm for the thickness of plastic shopping bags specified in the notice of the State Council, showing a good momentum of booming production and sales, and a steady stream of customer orders. Among them, Xianglu Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. (wholly-owned by Taiwan businessmen) ordered the company's automatic paper tray Slitter, tube winding machine, POY, FDY chemical fiber paper tube automatic post-processing production paper and DTY chemical fiber paper tube automatic post-processing production line at one time

in addition, the noise of the machine is also very small

the servo motor control system is adopted to control the stretching, tightening speed and displacement more accurately

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