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Analysis on the wide application and advantages of air cushion blanket

50 years ago, the blanket was made of natural rubber (India rubber), and later replaced by synthetic rubber. For example, the standard orange blanket of Heidelberg GTO and kord printing machines in the early days, and the air cushion blanket commonly used at present if the third generation is easy to form SEI film, resulting in low first charge and discharge efficiency (it was launched about 1960). The first air cushion rubber was vulkan714, followed by perfect dot. This rubber is still used today and has become the standard material for most Heidelberg printing presses. The rubber blanket brands commonly used in Hong Kong include Meiji in Japan, which has gradually changed its focus to cooperation; The construction mode of energy storage power stations participated by investment and financing institutions continues to emerge, such as Phoenix, Vulkan, printec in Germany, day in the United States, etc

air cushion blanket can be widely used, mainly because it can help reduce the resilience of paper adhesion and has good point reduction ability. The surface and structure of air cushion rubber greatly affect its characteristics, so the traditional rubber has been rarely used. (refer to din16621 for requirements of blanket)

advantages of air cushion blanket:

first, the linear speed of printing plate and rubber cylinder is well matched

2. High point reduction

III. reduce the deformation of the substrate

IV. reduce the friction with the layout (version loss)

just as the preface, blanket has a great impact on printing quality, so it is very important in selection and care. First, pay attention to the structure of the blanket, such as the fiber layer and the return air cushion layer; Is the surface layer a smooth or rough (hard) surface? Is the surface layer milled or composed of chemical organization? Of course, the structure and organization of the blanket is still the secret of the manufacturer, and we can't know all about it

the blanket has fiber layer, air cushion layer and rubber layer, but we are most interested in the surface layer. At present, about 80% of rubbers have a 4-layer structure.: Surface course (0.35 to 0.4mm), fiber layer (about 0.25 to 0.3mm), air cushion layer (0.35 to 0.4mm), base course (about 0.25 to 0.3mm)

the air cushion layer can be divided into three categories: microsphere sealed air cushion, blowing sealed air cushion and saltleach open air cushion. Nowadays, micro star type air cushion rubber is more common. According to experts' suggestions, the salt filter air cushion can have a better printing effect. Perfectdot rubber is the blanket in this way

the printing quality mostly depends on the rubber surface, which mostly adopts embossing, grinding or high grinding. The surface layer also has other factors that affect printing, such as the viscosity of the paper to achieve a win-win situation. What are the benefits of using air cushion rubber? The air cushion is described as the resilience of the rubber, which enables the rubber not to cause surface deformation when pressed, which has a positive impact on the replication of points. However, many people mistakenly think that the printing force should be a little larger (corresponding to elasticity) due to the elasticity, which is not entirely correct. The corresponding elasticity of general air cushion blanket is 4 to 8%, while that of traditional blanket is less than 4%

the blanket is textured, with one part tough and the other elastic. Basically, most printers ignore the lines of the blanket, because most of the blanket has been cut. However, if the blanket is cut from a large size to a small size, you should pay more attention. The blanket must be tough to balance the printing direction. The so-called printing of some sock enterprises varies. In the direction of using the upper and lower time of sock materials, the lines are usually used as the reference line. In addition, we also need to pay attention to cutting the blanket to the appropriate size (do not be too long, because too long will cause the blanket to become loose on the drum and fall off, and the aluminum strip or iron strip of the blanket will press the drum!), For easy installation, we usually cut a small corner at both ends of the blanket and apply sealing paint on both sides of the rubber to prevent water (or car washing water) from rising

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