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Changzhou metro station construction open cut tunnel construction adopts shield tunneling

Changzhou metro station construction open cut tunnel construction adopts shield tunneling

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Changzhou Metro Line 1 phase I project has a total of 29 stations, 27 of which are underground stations. The four platforms that started construction first are also underground stations. How will underground stations and interval tunnels be built

according to the introduction, most stations of Changzhou metro are constructed by open cut method, which means that the monthly production capacity has reached 6500 tons when building the metro. First, dig the ground, excavate the earth and stone from top to bottom to the design elevation, and then carry out the construction of the important characteristics of the microcomputer controlled impact testing machine from bottom to top from the base, complete the main structure of the tunnel, and finally backfill the foundation pit and restore the ground

however, due to the large scale of excavation, before excavation, underground diaphragm walls should be built at the four sides of the foundation pit to support the foundation pit excavation; Moreover, after excavating a certain depth from the ground surface, the concrete beam used to support the foundation pit shall be poured, and then the dewatering well will be built. Then, the steel beam shall be used to support each certain depth of excavation. After the excavation reaches the design elevation, the concrete base plate shall be poured, and then the main structure of the subway station shall be poured from bottom to top


section tunnel will be constructed by shield method. According to the geological characteristics of Changzhou metro project, the earth pressure balance shield machine is selected, and the diameter of the tunnel measured by vernier caliper at the fracture is designed as a single-layer lining structure, which is spliced by 6 segments. When the underground station is constructed to meet the operating conditions of the shield machine, the shield components will be transported to the underground shaft to complete the installation of the shield machine. Shield is not only a construction machine, but also a powerful temporary support structure. It consists of three parts: the front notch ring, the middle support ring and the rear shield tail. The shield machine uses the lining block installed at the tail as the fulcrum to move forward, uses the cutter head to cut the soil, and at the same time discharges the soil and assembles the precast concrete lining block behind, so as to complete the subway tunnel construction efficiently and safely

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