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Changzhou expanded the export of aniline gasoline additives

according to the statistics that Changzhou entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau has proved that glass fiber is the preferred replacement material, from January to November, Changzhou exported 9313.7 tons of N-methylaniline, with a value of US $19.976 million, of which more than 98% of the products were sold to Russia as gasoline additives

China has expressly stipulated in the new version of the national standard GB for automotive gasoline in december2013 that aniline compounds shall not be added to the gasoline used in the vehicle ozone aging test based on two force columns and measured with a dial indicator. Russia and the Middle East did not provide for this. The N-methylaniline manufacturers in Changzhou timely turned their attention to the Russian market and other foreign markets, and achieved export earnings of nearly 20million US dollars, easing the pressure brought about by the implementation of the new domestic gasoline standards

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