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CDB Gansu branch helps leading enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry to make leaps and bounds

according to the Gansu Branch of China Development Bank, the bank adheres to the development finance concept that the government has reduced the tedious points of installation and provided timely help, conscientiously implements the spirit and deployment of "rejuvenating the equipment manufacturing industry in Gansu Province, and helps Tianshui Xinghuo machine tool group, a leading enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry, to counter the trend through the combination of financing and intelligence Stainless steel super large liner rises

according to the introduction, the bank adhered to the concept of planning first, signed the agreement on development financial support for the development strategy of Tianshui Xinghuo Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and the long-term production of various experimental machines by Heji Nanxin period gold testing instrument Co., Ltd. with Xinghuo machine tool, and prepared the strategic development plan of Tianshui Xinghuo Machine Tool Co., Ltd. for Xinghuo machine tool, so as to clarify the financing for enterprises' going out of the city and entering the park, overseas mergers and acquisitions, and the construction of Xinghuo Machine Tool Industrial Park Introduce ideas and grasp the strategic development direction. At the same time, the bank gave full play to its advantages in foreign investment and financing, actively paved the way for Xinghuo machine tool group to go global, and strongly supported Xinghuo machine tool to complete the cross-border mergers and acquisitions of soma in France, Gaojia in Italy and Heng'an in Germany, becoming a successful example of Gansu equipment manufacturing industry in line with international standards

it is reported that by the end of July, 2013, the bank had provided a total of 400million yuan of long-term credit funds and 116million yuan of working capital to spark machine tools, becoming the main bank supporting the development of spark machine tools and the first financial institution in the province to support the development of leading equipment manufacturing enterprises with medium and long-term credit funds. Subsequently, the bank will give full play to the comprehensive service advantages of development financial investment, loan, debt, lease and certificate, and continue to be the financial pioneer and main force in the technological upgrading of spark machine tool, undertaking the industrial transfer from the East and central regions and going global business

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