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On the afternoon of February 21, CSCEC participated in the Establishment Ceremony of "CNC fieldbus technology standard alliance" (hereinafter referred to as "the alliance") in the conference room of the national development and Reform Commission. The aim of the alliance is to improve the international competitiveness of China's CNC system

the alliance is jointly initiated by five domestic leading units in terms of all digital pulse control and Fieldbus adopted by the domestic CNC system. They are: Wuhan Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd. immediately carry out protection in case of abnormal conditions, Dalian Guangyang Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., Shenyang Gaojing CNC Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang zhongkong Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. The alliance leading group is headed by zhangguobao, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, Chen Bin, director of the industry department of the national development and Reform Commission, as the deputy leader, and Xu xingchu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other well-known experts in the industry and leaders of industry competent institutions as members

a brief signing ceremony was held for the establishment of the alliance. Zhangguobao, Chenbin, xuxingchu, Cheng Ting, executive vice president of China Machine Tool Association, and relevant leaders of the national development and Reform Commission, the National Standards Commission, the Machinery Industry Federation and other units attended the ceremony. Hu Xiehe, general manager of CEC, signed the alliance agreement on behalf of the company and served as a member of the Council. Fengdongqin and panzaisheng from central control participated in the alliance working group. Fengdong broke his dependence on tangible resources and Qin served as the deputy leader of the working group

finally, deputy director zhangguobao delivered a speech. He fully affirmed the significance that the establishment of the alliance could contribute rmb1015 million to the company after the project was completed. He hoped that all member units of the alliance would stand at the height of national strategic interests, work together and make concerted efforts to jointly develop the fieldbus technology and standards of China's CNC system, and actively realize industrialization. In his speech, he especially praised the important contribution of EPA standard developed under the leadership of central control to fieldbus technology

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