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How to choose modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine

how to choose and buy gas composite materials and titanium alloy materials, and use the adjustable fresh-keeping packaging machine:

1. There must be a high-precision automatic gas mixing device, whose precision control requirements are accurate, the maximum error rate should be ≤ 2.0%, and the ideal state should be ≤ 1.0%. It is necessary to detect the accuracy of different mixing proportions of three gases

2. There must be a high gas replacement rate. The higher the replacement rate, the better the fresh-keeping effect. The ideal replacement rate ≥ 99.5%

3. The manufacturer of compound modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine must comprehensively master the knowledge related to food fresh-keeping

compound modified atmosphere preservation is a multi link and multi field technology synthesis. Therefore, the manufacturer of modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine must have rich and comprehensive research on the characteristics of food, fruits and vegetables, pretreatment process, food processing environment, equipment combination, packaging materials and operating procedures. If the manufacturer has no grasp of the characteristics of food, how can we talk about food preservation? As an emerging product, the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine has just come out, and many of its technical knowledge are not clear to consumers. Therefore, in addition to purchasing qualified equipment, customers should also require the equipment manufacturer to provide a full set of technical support to ensure that customers' products achieve the fresh-keeping effect

4. High quality R & D manpower and scientific research team are required

whether the company has development potential and how to guarantee the quality of products all need high-quality R & D personnel and professional scientific research teams. Without these as backing, there are certain doubts about whether the quality of products is qualified and whether they can win the trust of consumers. Therefore, when purchasing products, we should not only look at the price and appearance of the products, but also pay attention to the internal quality of the products and the R & D ability of the manufacturer

5, the rationality of the structure and quality reliability of the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine are also the necessary prerequisites for selection

modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine is mainly used for food fresh-keeping packaging, and the packaging environment and the number of flora of packaging materials have a great impact on food fresh-keeping, so it is necessary to use stainless steel and anti-corrosion materials. In addition, because the heat sealing film roll may take several days to be used up in the actual production process, it is easy to be contaminated by bacteria, so the heat sealing film placed in a closed environment is not conducive to the use of ultraviolet or ozone sterilization

6. Make a "good mark" before disassembling the air conditioning equipment before purchasing it;, It is necessary to observe and compare comprehensively in various ways to avoid losses caused by wrong purchase of unqualified products

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