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How to select high-quality genuine automotive glass film electrical protection devices and new medical delivery devices

after buying a new car, many friends like to put film on the glass of the new car. Indeed, the windows pasted with high-quality glass film can not only insulate and protect the sun, but also protect the privacy in the car. However, due to their lack of understanding of automotive glass films, some consumers cannot distinguish between good and bad films and buy inferior glass films. So how to choose high-quality genuine automotive glass film? Today we will talk about this matter

● harm of poor quality glass film

we put film on car glass because the glass film can insulate the sun from infrared rays (heat insulation), ultraviolet rays (sun protection) and protect privacy, while the poor quality glass film not only does not play the role of heat insulation and sun protection, but also causes other bad effects. For example: fading, blistering, etc

poor quality glass film is easy to fade and blister. Because of the limited production cost, the residual solvent of the adhesive layer used will contain substances such as benzene and formaldehyde. After being exposed to the sun, the gas emitted will cause harm to the health of the people in the car, and even cause cancer. Therefore, it is better to use this kind of glass film without film

● how to distinguish authentic film from inferior film

first of all, let me tell you my real experience. Once a friend of mine pasted the film on his car three times in three years. The first time was given away by the 4S store when he first bought the car. The color faded seriously less than half a year after the 4S store pasted it. Helpless, auto parts city changed a set of glass film called genuine 3M, but this film began to bubble just a year later, and it also gave off a particularly pungent smell. Finally, with the help of his colleagues, he found a brand authorized store. Although he bought authentic film, the expensive price really made him feel painful for a long time

as ordinary consumers, how can we distinguish between genuine automotive glass film and inferior film? How can I buy genuine glass film at a lower price? Don't worry, we have summarized some experience in selecting and purchasing glass films for you to share with you

1。 Look at brands and channels

when choosing automotive glass film, what brand and price to choose is one of the most concerned issues for consumers. In terms of price, there are many brands of glass film on the market, and there is a big gap in price, so the price alone is not enough to judge the quality of glass film

① the glass film sold/given away by 4S stores

I believe that many friends' films on cars are in 4 Futures: the iron ore 1605 contract fell, and the S store received a "generous gift" when buying a car. Indeed, it is very convenient to do decoration when buying a car, and it is quite good for consumers to get such a gift when buying a car

however, is sticking a film in a 4S store the best choice? In fact, we can't be so sure. Although the glass film sold by some 4S stores is authentic, the price will be relatively high, and the quality of the free glass film may not be guaranteed. After all, buying a car now relies on a large discount price to compete, so pre-sales decoration and after-sales maintenance have become a source of income that cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is common for glass films sold in 4S stores to be twice as expensive as those of the same grade in the market

② glass film sold in Auto Parts City

there are many businesses selling automotive glass film in the market now, especially in the auto parts city where there are a mixture of fish and dragons. We have no way to verify their purchase channels, and our consumers can't completely distinguish authentic products from fake products if they don't have experience or professional instruments. Therefore, when buying glass film in Auto Parts City, it is easy to encounter fake and inferior products

③ authorized stores and e-commerce

among a wide variety of automotive glass film brands, the product quality of many major brands is relatively guaranteed, such as Johnson (Johnson & Johnson), 3M, Weigu, Longmo and other brands, which are famous brand products in this field. In their official offices, you can find the addresses of brand authorized stores in various cities in China. Although the price of glass film purchased in these authorized stores is relatively expensive, few fake and shoddy products can be bought

some friends may ask, what if you don't buy glass films in 4S stores or auto parts cities, but don't want to spend too much money to buy them in authorized stores? In fact, you can also buy from some reliable online e-commerce providers, such as car care home, which will launch some preferential activities from time to time, which can ensure product quality, and the price will not be as expensive as authorized stores. A colleague of mine recently purchased a set of 3M full car glass film from e-commerce, which cost only more than 600 yuan, which can be said to be very cheap. However, there is a time limit to the group purchase activities of e-commerce, which can only be carried out when e-commerce activities are held. If you can't wait and want to buy genuine glass films, you can only go to authorized stores to buy them. Lechal smart shoes were originally designed for the blind

2. Regular warranty card and warranty period

genuine glass film purchased from regular channels to correct the data will have a warranty card. Some brands' warranty cards also have customer feedback information. You can mail the leftover materials of the glass film on your car, together with the warranty card number and other information to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will help identify whether what we buy is genuine

of course, the quality assurance card can only be used to identify the authenticity in regular authorized stores or e-commerce. If it is purchased from unauthorized merchants, the quality assurance card they provide may also be fake. Therefore, before we buy glass film, the most important thing is to look at the authorization qualification of the business, and then look at the quality assurance card, which will be more reliable

3。 Thermal insulation experiment

in addition to the above methods of judging from purchase channels and prices, I also collected some "earth methods", and thermal insulation experiment is one of them. In many stores selling automobile glass films, some red iodine tungsten lamps will be placed to simulate the infrared thermal radiation in the sunlight. We can use these iodine tungsten lamps to test the purchased glass film

the test method is very simple. Put your hand in front of the iodine tungsten lamp, and put the glass film between your hand and the iodine tungsten lamp. If your hand can feel the heat of the iodine tungsten lamp, you can judge that the heat insulation effect of the glass film is not ideal. But this method is only a very simple identification method, which can only identify some inferior glass films

4。 It is difficult to distinguish by smelling and touching

this way of smelling is also a very simple identification method, but it can only be used for some particularly poor glass films. The authentic glass film uses pressure-sensitive adhesive, which basically has no taste. Because of the low production cost, the adhesive used contains substances such as benzene and formaldehyde. If you tear the glass film and smell it carefully, you will smell the pungent taste. This kind of glass film is recommended not to buy

some friends will ask whether you can distinguish authentic glass films by touching them. In fact, this method is not referential, because no matter what kind of glass film, it is difficult to distinguish good from bad in hand feeling. Even the workers in the film shop cannot distinguish the true and false of the glass film from the hand feeling, so we do not recommend that you use this method to distinguish

● summary:

when choosing automotive glass film, because our consumers' identification ability is limited, many friends are deceived by the merchants after listening to the deception. The methods introduced today can be summed up as follows: friends who are not afraid of spending money can choose regular authorized stores to buy; Friends who don't want to spend more money and want to buy authentic products can choose e-commerce group purchase or other preferential policies. In short, if you want to buy reliable glass films, you should buy them through reliable channels

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