How to choose household locks for the installation

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Anti theft door lock body installation? How to choose family locks

the anti-theft door is a shield to protect the safety of our family property, and the lock body is a more important existence of the anti-theft door, so the installation of the anti-theft door lock body? How to choose family locks? In order to help enterprises improve the industry, let's take a look. I hope the following introduction can help you

installation of anti-theft door lock body

1. Drill the installation hole of the lock body on the anti-theft door according to the installation size instructions of the anti-theft door lock body

2. Install the anti-theft door lock body into the hole position in turn, fix the screws, install the screws and connecting screws on the outer panel components, insert the connecting square rod into the square rod hole of the lock body, align the handle square hole of the outer panel components with the connecting square rod hole, and install the outer panel components

3. Install the inner panel components and align the rear fastening screws. The laboratory has passed the CNAs authoritative certification of China National Accreditation Service for conformity assessment. The lock body is inserted into the lock hole from inside to outside, and the screws are inserted from the lock panel hole into the thread aligned with the installation hole of the lock body, and then tightened. Install the lock box or lock plate on the door frame

4. After the initial installation, rotate the outer handle and the inner handle to observe whether the inclined tongue can be smoothly retracted and extended. Turn the knob on the rear panel to feel whether the square tongue retracts smoothly. Insert the key and rotate it back and forth to feel whether the square tongue extends and retracts smoothly

5. After tightening the assembly screws, repeat the action and test several times. If the action is not smooth, loosen the screws and adjust the position until the unlocking is convenient and suitable

purchase of household locks

1. Choose the products of enterprises with high popularity, stable quality and good after-sales service

2. Check whether the labels and marks of the purchased products are complete, whether the packages are firm, and whether the contents of the instructions are consistent with the products

3. Observe the appearance quality of the product, including the lock head, lock body, lock tongue, handle and cladding components and relevant matching services. Whether the value-added kits we give customers are complete, whether the surface color of electroplated parts and painted parts is bright and uniform, and whether there are signs of rust, oxidation and damage

4. Check whether the use function of the product is reliable and flexible. Select more than two products. I will ask up and down "for comparison inspection. Especially when purchasing two-way lock products, you must use all keys to test open and close the inner and outer lock heads respectively. The insurance institution of the product should also be checked. It is recommended to try each lock at least three times

5. Check the teeth of the key. For example, if there are five key teeth, each key should have no less than three different key teeth. At the same time, the deepest key teeth and the fifth tooth should not be selected as far as possible, which is conducive to the insertion and removal of the key and is not easy to break

anti theft door is an important part of our family life, and the selection and installation of lock body is more important

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