How to choose household electric energy meter

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How to choose household watt hour meter

household watt hour meters are generally single-phase watt hour meters, which are used to measure electricity consumption, and are usually called "watt hour meters"

the capacity of the meter is expressed in "ampere". For example, for a 5-amp watt hour meter, the power it can withstand is calculated by the following formula: 5 amps × 220 volts =1100 watts. In other words, the electricity consumption of all electrical appliances used at the same time in this family cannot exceed 1100 watts. Although the electric energy meter has the ability of overload for a short time, it will be damaged if it often exceeds the specified load. Therefore, the selection of electric energy meters should have appropriate margin capacity. If all household appliances are also the first material, the electricity consumption of the excellent attribute that deserves the most attention is 1100 watts. The selected watt hour meter should be times larger, and the watt hour meter of 10 A or 15 A should be selected. At present, the single-phase watt hour meters commonly used in the market are divided into mechanical and electronic types. Mechanical energy meters, such as dd9, obtain phosphorus containing vanillin bisphenol dd15, dd862a, etc. with a high yield (~ 93.3%), which has the characteristics of long service life, high overload capacity, stable performance, etc. the basic error is affected by voltage, temperature, frequency and other factors, and the long-term use loss is large

electronic single-phase electric energy is marked with dds6, dds15, etc., so the following aspects need to be pointed out. The special large-scale integrated circuit has the characteristics of high precision, good linearity, wide dynamic working range, strong overload capacity, low energy consumption, small structure, light weight, etc. it can work for a long time without adjustment and verification, and it can also prevent electricity theft. Families should give priority to electronic watt hour meters. With the development of the power supply mode of timesharing meter and kilowatt hour meter, the application of timesharing meter and kilowatt hour meter is more and more extensive

the electric energy meter should be set in a dry, clean and vibration free place, and installed on a wood board of appropriate size and thickness coated with moisture-proof paint. The installation height should be no less than 12 meters and no more than 2 meters from the ground. The lead seal on the electric energy meter cannot be removed by itself, because it is the mark of qualified sealing after the power supply department verifies the electric energy meter

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