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How to choose infrared thermometer for influenza a prevention and control

Keiji Fukuda, the acting assistant director general for health and safety of the World Health Organization, reiterated on the 11th that the development trend of the influenza A (H1N1) epidemic is unpredictable, and countries must be fully prepared to prevent and control the influenza pandemic

after the first case of influenza A (H1N1) in mainland China was confirmed, prevention and control work has once again become the focus of attention. At present, China's airports and ports have further strengthened the temperature monitoring of inbound and outbound passengers with fever, and quarantine at all levels to strictly prevent them. How to ensure that the infrared temperature measurement of the human body of the inspection and Quarantine Bureau and ports is accurate and effective, German experts explain the main points

national regulations: only infrared thermometers with accuracy within ± 0.4 ℃ can be used for body temperature screening in the prevention and control of influenza A

traditional thermometer measurement takes a lot of time, which is not suitable for large-scale population temperature screening. Infrared imaging technology, with its fast and convenient temperature display mode, has become the most common means to prevent and control this kind of epidemic. However, only under the premise of ensuring accuracy, the temperature screening is effective

in view of the current situation of infrared thermometers on the market, the state has stipulated that each infrared thermometer used for the prevention and control of influenza a body temperature screening must be measured by the China Institute of Metrology and obtain a precision certificate, and only infrared thermometers with a precision of less than ± 0.4 ℃ can be put into use

targeted: before using the infrared thermometer, adjust the emissivity to measure more accurately

all objects will reflect, transmit and emit energy. When using the infrared thermometer to measure the temperature, the infrared energy emitted by the measured object will be converted into an electrical signal on the detector through the optical system of the infrared thermometer to display the temperature readings except for continuous fiber reinforced semi-finished products and injection molded parts. The emissivity of each object is different. Some infrared thermometers can change the emissivity, and the emissivity values of various materials can be found in the emissivity table. The relative accuracy of other instruments whose emissivity is not adjustable is not so high

the infrared thermometer usually measures the temperature of the skin on the surface of the human body, rather than the actual temperature of the human body. Before use, use a thermometer to accurately measure the human body temperature, and then adjust the emissivity of the instrument to make it consistent. After adjustment, the infrared thermometer has a definite aim, and the measurement is more accurate. At the same time, in order to ensure the stability of infrared temperature measurement, calibration and comparison should be carried out regularly and timely

focus: adjust the display temperature section of the infrared thermal imager to the human body temperature section, and the temperature "display" is more detailed.

the infrared imager can convert infrared into images, so that people can see the "temperature". Infrared imager can detect the temperature distribution in a large area and express it in different colors. Because of its intuitive and fast characteristics, it is widely used in public institutions with large traffic such as airports and ports

detu experts suggest that when measuring temperature with a thermal imager, the displayed temperature segment should be adjusted to the human body temperature segment, so as to filter out irrelevant low-temperature or high-temperature objects around, so as to display the temperature of the measured human body more accurately. From the screen, the color contrast is stronger, which makes it easier for quarantine and inspection personnel to quickly and accurately find fever patients in the crowd

at present, many entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureaus in various provinces and cities have selected the German infrared thermometer teaTo 845 and the infrared thermal imager testo 880

after the test of the National Metrology Institute, the accuracy of the German infrared thermometer teaTo 845 and the infrared thermal imager testo 880 in the human body temperature range is higher than ± 0.4 ℃, which is fully qualified for the task of temperature screening in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Each infrared measuring instrument of detu shall be increased by 91% compared with the previous one after being tested by the China Institute of Metrology and obtaining the accuracy certificate; Orders for thermoforming machines fell 34% year-on-year It is used for epidemic prevention and control and body temperature screening. At present, many entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureaus in various provinces and cities have chosen the German infrared thermometer teaTo 845 and the infrared thermal imager testo 880

the Detto infrared thermometer testo 845 can adjust the optical resolution, thus realizing the integration of far focus measurement and near focus measurement. Among them, the long-distance optical resolution is as high as 75:1. For quarantine personnel, Tetu infrared thermometer teaTo 845 can measure forehead temperature at far focus and ear canal temperature at near focus. The instrument has cross laser aiming function, which can accurately locate and measure the human body and avoid mistakes

the German chart infrared thermal imager testo 880 has excellent infrared imaging measurement technology, and has the automatic positioning function of cold hot spots and center points, so that the human body can meet the experimental measurement needs of different materials, and the high-temperature points can be seen at a glance. The three picture display modes of full infrared, full visible and picture in picture can be switched with one key, which is more convenient for comparison, so as to quickly locate the human body with abnormal temperature. (end)

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