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Strong anti-interference ability and other characteristics how to choose and buy micro high-pressure reactor

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if you can't use the function, it's not recommended to equip all functions, increase the cost, and the operation is not simple. If you don't need sampling, it's unnecessary to install sampling pipes, no particle catalyst, and no filter, Without a very high working pressure, it is not necessary to design a very high working pressure. If the pressure is not digitally displayed, the pressure is small, it is difficult to read accurately, the kettle body is heavy, and it is difficult to operate.

first, when the working pressure increases, the kettle body will correspondingly become thicker and heavier, the range of the pressure gauge and the bursting value of the safety valve will become larger, and the way of pressurization will also change in terms of materials. Generally, steel cylinders are used for pressurization, and when the steel cylinders are full of gas, You can add about 12MPa. If you need higher experimental pressure without increasing the temperature, you can only use additional pump equipment

second, the working temperature determines the mixing mode. Generally, the reactor stirred by magnons has no cooling function between the mixing motor and the magnons, and the temperature cannot exceed 300 degrees. Beyond this temperature, there will be demagnetization, that is, it loses magnetism, which means it cannot be stirred. If it exceeds 300 degrees, you can only use another mixing method. Paddle mixing can be used. You can use flexible shaft magnetic coupling mechanical mixing or direct motor magnetic coupling mechanical mixing

III. as for the mixing form, it is related to the viscosity of the reaction medium. Generally, it is equipped with a three leaf propelling paddle as standard. If the viscosity is small, you can configure an anchor paddle. If the viscosity is large, you can choose a shear paddle

IV. the volume also determines the weight of the kettle body, The size of the heater, the increase of the cost and the configuration of the kettle, such as 10ml paddle agitator, the temperature measurement must be changed to the form of kettle wall temperature control, or 10ml magneton agitator needs an inner tank, so it can not be equipped with a filter, etc.

this index confirms

fifth, the reaction medium. The third article has said that the viscosity of the reaction medium determines the form of the agitator

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