How to choose instruments and suppliers

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How to choose instruments and suppliers

1 Whether the hanger suspender is straight or not determines what standard is used to detect the inspected object. China's current detection standards (national standard GB, ministerial standard JB, industrial standard HB), as well as international standards ISO or American Standard ASMI, etc

2. Determine what method to use to detect a) damage (the detection method of taking part of the inspected object or deforming it has high detection accuracy; the detection speed is slow): chemical analysis, physical test. b) Nondestructive (the detection method without damage to the inspected object has relatively low detection accuracy and fast detection speed): ray, sound wave, electromagnetic, penetration, mirror phase

3. Sensor selection sensor: convert the quantity to be detected into components that we can display, calculate or input to other machines. The detection accuracy mainly depends on it

4. The detection accuracy and scope of application are determined by the maximum and minimum detection quantities of the inspected objects, combined with Article 1, 2 and 3. Choose the closest sensor accuracy and range value, and the higher the value, the higher the general price

And lost the product image and shopping mall

5 The performance and price of testing products are more than product functions, and the technology is new, and the price is also high. (performance/price) to judge from the results obtained, the value is high. The update cycle of electronic products is short, so it is not suitable to buy very new soft technology (soft technology: good operation interface and sense organ, and the accuracy is not conducive to providing necessary oxygen, nutrition, fluid and medicine)

6. Standardization of testing products the state stipulates that all measuring and testing instruments and equipment in use must pass the Standard Metrological appraisal (Yearbook)

7. The after-sales service of testing products should pay great attention to the long-lived testing equipment and instruments, so as to achieve the commitment of maintenance and renewal until the limit load of the machine is 800 kg

8. Detect the service life of products, the supply of vulnerable parts, ray generating devices, electronic vacuum devices, mechanical wear parts, mirror natural corrosion

9 The user base of the tested products is more stable than that of the products, and the maintenance of spare parts is convenient

10. Technical training product dealers should have higher technical strength and be able to provide more technical training, so as to improve the utilization rate of the purchased instruments and the correct use and maintenance methods

11. Dealers of other products should be reliable

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