How to choose lubricating grease reasonably

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How to reasonably select grease

grease can be well adhered to the surface of friction parts of mechanical equipment to form a certain strength of oil film to reduce friction and wear. When the thermal or mechanical effect gradually decreases, or even disappears, the grease gradually thickens and recovers to a certain consistency. Therefore, the selection of grease lubrication does not need to be added frequently, and it can prevent metal oxidation, fill the gap of parts, prevent air leakage, oil leakage, water leakage, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment

when selecting lubricating grease, first of all, the role of lubricating grease should be clear: as a lubricating grease for antifriction, the range of high and low temperature resistance, load and speed should be mainly considered; As a protective grease, we mainly consider the prevention of metal and non-metal. Everyone can rest assured to know the protective properties and stability of all experimental machines of our company; As a sealing grease, the compatibility between the grease and the seal material should be considered

in general, according to the different design and working conditions of machinery, the following factors should be considered when selecting lubricating grease:

(1) working temperature: the working temperature of lubricating point has a great impact on the lubrication effect and service life of lubricating grease. If the ambient temperature is high and the machine operation temperature is high, high temperature resistant lubricating grease should be selected to reduce the evaporation loss, oxidation deterioration and colloid shrinkage of lubricating grease base oil

(2) running speed: the higher the running speed of the lubricating parts, the greater the shear stress on the lubricating grease, and the faster the temperature rise of the high-speed running parts, which is easy to dilute and lose the lubricating grease, so the lubricating grease with greater consistency should be selected

(3) load: selecting grease according to load is one of the keys to ensure lubrication. For heavy-duty lubrication points, grease with high viscosity of base oil and high content of thickener should be selected; If bearing heavy load and impact load, grease with high extreme pressure and wear resistance should be selected

(4) environmental conditions: environmental conditions refer to that the working environment of the lubricating point is different from that of the surrounding medium machinery, so different greases should be selected, and greases with water resistance should be selected in wet environment; In dusty environment, thick lubricating grease containing graphite can be selected; For lubricating points in an environment with strong chemical media, synthetic greases with anti chemical media and a variety of breakthrough polymer products and additives should be selected; If there are special requirements for sealing, barium based grease should be selected. Wait

(5) the manufacturer stipulates that for imported or domestic mechanical equipment, the lubricating grease shall be selected in accordance with the provisions of the manufacturer's instructions

(6) economic factors: in addition to the above points, when selecting lubricating grease, we should also comprehensively analyze whether the lubrication cycle, filling times, grease consumption, bearing failure rate and maintenance cost have been extended after using this grease for the convenience of the majority of customers' material research, and consider the economy of use through repeated technical exchanges and on-site analysis with cement enterprises

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