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Miling communication: how to choose intelligent enterprise marketing system for doupiao

about golden assurance

Shanghai Golden assurance network technology Co., Ltd., the main product of the ticket and movie price comparison platform, through real-time data docking with movie ticket platforms such as cat's eye, bicycle, ticket, box office, etc., at present, the C-end has millions of APP users, and the b-end has industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of communications, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, etc

challenges faced by duel

with the increasing development of enterprise scale, duel users are increasing day by day. Jin Bao encountered difficulties in the management of many user data

how to classify and store the customer data of b-end and C-end? How to check the customer information in time and follow up the follow-up status of each customer in time? How can the sales performance of each salesman and the traffic statistics of telephone operators be clear at a glance

why choose miling communications

there were many doubts when choosing software. There are many excellent software that can achieve CRM customer management, and countless software that can link sales performance, traffic data reports and other performance

but it is a system management software that can combine the two to help enterprises manage customer data, and at the same time manage internal employees, so as to achieve the combination of internal and external. Miling communication has become their best choice

brings practical functions

1. The b-end and C-end customers are stored by classification, which is convenient for timely access.

smartcall call call center system has the function of real-time viewing and customer information. By classifying and storing the b-end and C-end customers in smartcall server, the data is stored independently, and customers can also be transferred or shared to other colleagues in batches

by integrating enterprise customer resources, provide one-to-one message services to customers, record communication, send text messages or create sales orders at any time, and view historical call records to help enterprises manage customers efficiently and analyze customer needs in depth, so as to improve customer loyalty

2. Sales funnel and a variety of reminder methods to facilitate sales follow-up

smartcall call call center system has a variety of screening and reminder methods to facilitate customer follow-up and facilitate the continuous tracking and management data display of customer sales and service process

at the same time, every step of the sales action of the salesperson will be recorded synchronously to avoid the loss of customers and orders caused by work alternation or other factors. The sales follow-up record will be fed back to the superior in real time, so that the manager can understand the sales progress in time and make the best decision for the operation of the enterprise

3. Real time call statistics and call loss analysis are convenient for traffic management

ticket handling and other after-sales problems of ticket fighting need to be handled by customer service in a timely manner, so they also attach great importance to customer service traffic statistics

the smartcall call call center system of miling communication can record the thermal conductivity of the air of customer service is about 0.023w, the duration and the number of calls in real time, and help managers monitor and manage the call situation of agents in real time; Managers can check the number of incoming and outgoing calls at any time. By checking the connection rate and the statistical proportion of call loss, managers can help manage traffic in time

at present, Jinbao has successfully deployed the milling communication call center and put the system into use. The more than 50 functions of smartcall call call center help a lot in work and improve work efficiency to a great extent. We have listed in form 10-K and other documents submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

about miling communication

it is understood that Shanghai miling Communication Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on providing one-stop solutions and services based on cloud communication technology for financial institutions, and has established a complete architecture including call center, customer service, communication services and sales support system

through the use of miling communication call center, more and more enterprises are building a closed-loop service for marketing. The service scope of miling communication covers many industries such as finance, education and medical treatment. It has served many well-known enterprises such as yangleduo, lekou lekou and Shouzheng investment consulting, and served more than 12000 users

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