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The degradation of polyurethane soft foam with triethyl phosphate

the recovery of polymer waste and used polymer is one of the suitable methods to protect natural resources and reduce environmental pressure. The chemical degradation of polyurethane includes hydrolysis, alcoholysis and amination

the plasticization time of Polymer Research Institute of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences itself is fluctuating. The Institute has developed an efficient method to decompose waste polyurethane without excessive vibration. The polyurethane waste is treated with phosphate or phosphonate and converted into reusable products. The obtained products can be used to produce polymers with low flammability, high adhesion and high UV radiation resistance, including polyurethane

after research, polyester polyols can be used to compare different plastics. Based on polyols or polyether polyols and TDI, soft polyurethane foam can be quantitatively converted into liquid products after treatment with triethyl phosphate [(C2H5O) 3p=o]. They are phosphorus containing polyurethane oligomers

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