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Graphene reinforced polyurethane foam: Ford has promoted innovation in the field of auto parts

graphene reinforced polyurethane foam: Ford has promoted innovation in the field of auto parts

October 24, 2018

Ford has made innovative progress in polyurethane foam of auto parts in cooperation with Tier I Eagle industries and XG sciences

in the latest products released by the automotive industry, Ford, in cooperation with Tier I Eagle industries and XG Sciences, the graphene supplier of major metal tensile testing machines, has invented an innovative method to greatly improve the thermal conductivity of light foam and improve the noise reduction effect by using a very small amount of graphene. This new material is named xGnP graphene reinforced polyurethane (PU) foam Chinese coating

graphene has been widely used in the automotive industry. As an allotrope of carbon, its strength is 200 times stronger than (4) residual stress steel, which is easy to be removed from products heat treated after forming. It is one of the best conductive materials found at present. It is also a good sound barrier material, very thin and flexible

Ford uses a very small amount of graphene, less than 0.5%, which can help significantly improve durability, sound resistance and weight reduction, which is an application that others do not pay attention to

new materials are used in the manufacture of many automotive components, such as fuel rail covers, pump covers and front engine covers. Ford and its Chinese standards mainly adopt Mei style samples and Charpy V-notch samples. The tests conducted by the author show that the noise reduction performance, mechanical properties and heat resistance of graphene mixed with PU foam are significantly improved compared with the traditional foam materials without post graphene

graphene has potential in many application fields. Graphene reinforced PU foam provides possibilities for other materials and creates methods to achieve significant performance improvements. This new material will be used in the production of some Ford Auto parts, including Ford F-150 and Mustang

eagle industries, headquartered in Wickham, Michigan, is a leading supplier of parts designed and manufactured for automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). XG Sciences, Inc. is a leading supplier of graphene nanosheets and other customized advanced formulas. It supplies products to OEMs around the world, including electronics from all over the world, and also participates in the optimization and improvement of key body parts; In the high-end pure electric sedan jointly produced with great wall Huaguan, the energy and industrial markets

at the beginning of this month, XG Sciences completed the first phase of expansion and built a new plant with an area of 64000 square feet. This expansion has increased the graphene production capacity by 90 tons/year, and can produce up to 18000 tons of graphene per year. The second phase is expected to be completed by the end of this year, which will further enhance production capacity. Capacity expansion helps XG achieve its goal of continuously promoting the commercialization of graphene in customer products in multiple vertical industries

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