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Ancai high tech terminated the construction of glass substrate project and switched to LNG plant

[brief description of the event]: the paper strength tester, also known as the paper strength tester, announced on October 11, 2013 that the company plans to terminate the construction of the original raised project with an annual output of 14.4 million square meters of electronic information display ultra-thin glass substrate project. In the next step, the yield strength and hardness company will further investigate and demonstrate the upgrading of technology and market changes. At the same time, The company invested 27.2279 million yuan of the raised funds into the natural gas liquefaction plant project with a daily processing capacity of 500000 cubic meters

[event review]: Ancai high tech's business mainly includes glass substrates and natural gas. Since 2011, due to the severe situation in the photovoltaic glass and float glass industries, the company's glass business sector has fallen into huge losses and does not have the market conditions for additional investment in the short term. Therefore, it is expected that the company will terminate the original glass substrate raising investment project. From the perspective of the liquefied gas business sector, the company's daily processing 100000 cubic meters of LNG plant operation system is mature, and the LNG filling station is rapidly advancing, which will generate greater demand for the stable supply of LNG liquefied gas. The use of raised funds to build a liquefied gas plant this time is conducive to the company's continued strengthening of the natural gas business sector, with good investment prospects. From the perspective of the investment direction of the raised funds, the dual main business structure adopted by the company has indeed enhanced the company's ability to resist risks, which is conducive to maintaining the stability of the company's operating performance

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after the recent high pullback of the stock, the rebound force of this round is weak, and the upper part is locked up. At this docking meeting, chips are dense, and there is no upward space in the short term, so it is not suitable to hold shares. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate on this basis at their own risk. Most parts are processed with modified PP materials

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