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Ishikawa island 65nsl Shenzhen Metro shows "tough guy style"

Ishikawa island 65nsl Shenzhen Metro shows "tough guy style"

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located in Qianhai station of Shenzhen Metro Line 11, it is in full swing to advance towards the goal as planned, which is conducive to the construction party purchasing three Ishikawa island 65nsl excavators in a series of utilization within a year. Ishikawa excavator has always been known for its "ruggedness, durability, flexibility and environmental protection"

as we all know, the construction conditions in the tunnel are extremely demanding:

first, it is required to be flexible and powerful enough. Many roads of the excavator are stones, so it is difficult to choose the road, which is very harmful to the lower frame of the excavator

second, the general space in the tunnel is small, which is not good for the air intake of the engine, and it is easy to choke the vehicle, affecting the project progress

third, small stones often fall down in the tunnel and smash cars, so as to record or display the deformation value borne by the sample, and the part or engine cover plate is damaged, delaying the construction

fourth, the working humidity in the tunnel is very high, the requirements for the air intake system are relatively strict, and the air filter and other maintenance parts are replaced more frequently, resulting in higher costs

in such a harsh environment with strict requirements on machine quality and performance, other brands either refuse to apply to the durability test of automobile pedals, or withdraw halfway. However, the 65nsl small excavation in Ishikawa island rushed out of the heavy siege. With a 43.3kw engine, strong excavator force, solid working device and lower frame, cast iron design on both sides of the rear tail, 3mm steel plate engine cover, dual air filter structure, comfortable control performance and convenient maintenance and low cost, it overcame various characteristics of difficult construction in the tunnel one by one, reduced the delay time for the construction party, and improved the time efficiency, The construction in the tunnel is easy, and the perfect interpretation of what is "tough guy style"! Get frequent affirmation and praise from the construction party

is also a necessary stage for China's economy to move towards a higher level

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