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Anyuan shares replaced more than 3 billion yuan of assets

trading has been suspended since July 26. On August 31, an announcement was issued that Anyuan shares disclosed a major asset restructuring plan and resumed trading, and the daily limit was closed. The company will withdraw from the original float glass production, deep processing and passenger car manufacturing business, and become a coal mining and sales enterprise, which means that Jiangxi coal industry, a subsidiary of Jiangmei group, borrows the shell of Anyuan shares to realize the overall listing of the coal business

according to the announcement on August 31, the asset restructuring plan is divided into two parts: asset replacement and private placement

Anyuan shares transferred its 100% equity of Anyuan glass and Anyuan bus 68. 18% equity, the creditor's rights receivable from Anyuan passenger cars and Anyuan glass as of July 31 this year, and Jiangxi coal industry 50 held by jiangmeiji 1. Take out the friction body and use white Daolin paper (or A4 white paper) group. Replace the equivalent part of 08% equity. Will also be 11. 63 yuan/share, no more than 2. 400million shares, purchase 50 shares of Jiangxi coal industry held by Jiangmei group. The difference between the 08% equity and the assets of Anyuan shares after replacement, and the Jiangxi coal industry held by Zhonghong mining, Huarong assets and Xinda assets totaled 49. 92% equity

the book net assets of Jiangxi coal industry, the target company of this transaction in the past two years, as of July 31 this year. The head of the manipulator is composed of 16 rods similar to a super large sewing spool 31. 5.3 billion yuan, and the transaction price of 100% equity is no more than 34. 0.4 billion yuan. Through this major asset restructuring, Anyuan shares will transfer the loss assets Anyuan glass, Anyuan bus and the creditor's rights receivable from Anyuan glass and Anyuan bus to Jiangmei group, and put them into Jiangxi coal industry with good profitability. The asset scale and profitability of Anyuan shares will be significantly enhanced

on August 31, it was learned that Anyuan shares, together with Zhonghong mining, China Huarong and China Cinda, decided to inject the overall equity of Jiangxi coal industry into Anyuan shares at the ninth meeting of the Fourth Board of directors on August 30, so as to realize the overall listing of the coal business of Jiangmei group

in the secondary market, the trading limit of Anyuan shares was closed immediately after the resumption of trading on August 31, and only 1.88 million yuan was traded at the close of the day, only 4% of the turnover of the trading day before the suspension, which shows that the shareholders have a strong reluctance to sell, and it is expected that there will be good performance in the battle for future market size

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