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Anton Lin and Hengrun technology develop vehicle lighting solutions

news: Anton Lin group, a Spanish automotive interior supplier, has established a cooperative relationship with Beijing Jingwei Hengrun Technology Co., Ltd. to develop a new generation of interior and exterior lighting solutions

on February 21, Hengrun technology and antonglin group issued a joint statement on this matter. Headquartered in Beijing, Hengrun technology is a major automotive electronics company in China. Previously, it helped Antonin group develop its lighting business in China

item is also an innovative road item, including the "advanced dynamic environmental lighting" solution

this latest cooperation involves a new indoor lighting function, known as "advanced dynamic environmental lighting", which is expected to be launched in the Chinese market this year

the project combines the technical expertise and core electronic component knowledge of Hengrun technology with the system integration technology of antonlin group to develop the "most advanced lighting multi product portfolio" in the market

Ernesto Antonin, chairman of antonlin group, said, "the rapidly developing environment, as well as the upcoming challenges faced by the automotive industry, such as autonomous vehicle, the testing method standard ASTM c1371 ⑼ 8 for determining the emissivity of materials in the normal temperature range with a portable radiometer, electrification and weight reduction, will bring many opportunities for our interior business."

this Spanish company regards itself as an "intelligent integrator", using its professional knowledge to integrate electronic products, sensors, cameras and displays into the existing product series to meet the needs of future vehicles, so as to put most of the intelligent structures into landfills or environments and build them into the internal components of vehicles

"according to the new market trend and the industry driven by cost efficiency, Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., which increases auto parts through innovation and integration, has produced experimental machines for several decades. The added value is crucial to become a leading auto manufacturer." Said Dr. qizhanning, President of Hengrun technology AE

he added that by integrating lighting solutions into auto parts, the two companies will reduce weight and costs

: Lin Zhixian

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