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Aging causes and Countermeasures of rubber blanket

aging causes of rubber blanket

1 In daily production, rubber blanket has higher cutting resistance, wear resistance and mechanical strength due to long-time cross-linking with fountain solution - color chromatics high-temperature fluoropolymer colorant Ink and gasoline, kerosene contact will harden, reduce elasticity, surface aging and luminescence

2. After being fixed for a long time, tightened on the drum, and rolled by the drum, the blanket becomes rigid and loses balance and high elasticity

3. The influence of external environmental conditions, such as the effect of air, light and heat, destroys the chemical structure of the blanket, changes its physical properties, and its mechanical properties decline. It becomes hard, brittle, and cracks or softens and becomes sticky in serious cases

methods to prevent aging of rubber blanket

1 Every time when the machine is shut down for a long time, the ink on the rubber blanket should be washed off and wiped dry without leaving any residue, so as to prevent the rubber on the surface from being too smooth and hardening and improve aging. When there are many impurities such as paper wool, powder and filler accumulated on the surface of the rubber cloth, it is necessary to wash the rubber cloth frequently, keep the surface of the rubber cloth clean, and prevent the impurities from accumulating too thick, hardening into a solid, crushing the rubber cloth, and making the rubber lose elasticity locally

2. After washing the blanket, you can pat some talcum powder on the blanket to restore the elasticity of the blanket

3. When you stop printing for a long time, you should loosen the blanket to restore its original elasticity. The replaced blanket should be cleaned, patted with talc powder, wrapped with opaque paper and placed in the shade

4. Organic solvents with fast volatilization and strong solubility are used as the detergent of rubber blanket. Light oil is often used as the detergent in our factory, while kerosene with slow volatilization is easy to make rubber blanket swell in these product combinations. In addition, pay attention to the printing pressure when printing. The master paper should be well preserved, free of sand and other sundries, and do not use wrinkled, adhesive and incomplete paper. As the steel may cause clamping phenomenon due to thermal expansion, the blanket should prevent high temperature or low temperature, and be away from electromagnetic, strong light and chemical agents

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