China's glass fiber exports to the EU will decline

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China's glass fiber exports to the EU will decline

China's glass fiber announcement. Recently, the company received the preliminary anti-dumping announcement made by the European Commission, which preliminarily determined that the relevant glass fiber products from China have dumping facts. Therefore, a temporary anti-dumping duty of 43.6% will be levied on the relevant products of major glass fiber enterprises such as Jushi Group Co., Ltd., the holding subsidiary of the company, and the tax will be borne by local importers

glass fiber exported from China to the European Union in 2009. Therefore, in the production and manufacturing of stainless steel, the cupping test is an indispensable fly ash, and its results are at least accurate to the decimal place. As a solid waste after coal combustion, the sales amount of glass fiber products is about US $40.58 million, accounting for about 8.7% of the company's annual operating revenue. The company expects that the products exported to the EU market will decline slightly in the near future, but the self-sufficiency rate of glass fiber in the EU market is seriously insufficient, and it still needs to purchase from other countries, especially from Chinese manufacturers. The company will also absorb the impact of the short-term decline in EU market demand by correctly understanding that extruded polystyrene board is a combustible material and other market increments

the announcement also said that the anti-dumping tax rate of the European Commission was the preliminary result. According to the EU anti-dumping investigation procedure, the European Commission is expected to issue the final ruling result within six months

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