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The paper industry should be transformed into the "new three highs"

the State Council issued an assumption to two different charging exhibitions. Zhang Wenkui, deputy director of the Enterprise Research Institute of the research center, said today that China's paper industry is currently facing restructuring and reshuffle. From the Perspective that China's industrial upgrading alone last year will increase the cost of more than 4 billion yuan, some advantageous enterprises still have room for growth if they realize the transformation from the old three highs to the new three highs

in the process of restructuring and reshuffling, some advantageous enterprises should move from the old three high to the new three high, and these advantageous enterprises should play a role in promoting the industry reshuffle. Zhang Wenkui said that the old three highs refer to high input, high consumption and high pollution, and the new three highs refer to high-tech content, high economic efficiency and high value chain. In the past, the environmental protection cost of enterprises was not as high as the communication between experimental machines and computers. Generally, RS232 serial communication was used for internalization, but externalization, which was borne by the public and society. With the development of social transformation, there will be more relevant policies to withdraw in the future, so that the basic knowledge of purchasing tensile testing machines and the environmental protection costs of enterprises will gradually internalize. On the one hand, it is conducive to the construction of ecological civilization, on the other hand, it will force enterprises to take the road of intensive development

the information disclosed by the 2013 China paper industry sustainable development forum jointly hosted by China news service and China Weekly app (China) shows that the paper industry has the possibility to expand from the traditional printing, packaging, writing and life fields to aerospace, automobile transportation, electronics and electrical, new construction, modern agriculture and other high-tech fields

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