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The sudden rise of China's glass fiber industry

China's glass fiber industry has run out of a faster development speed than the automobile industry, and has suddenly risen with a momentum of bursting out. In the past 10 years alone, China's glass fiber industry has completed a long-span upgrading with an average annual growth rate of more than 19%. In the first three quarters of this year, the output value and export volume of glass fiber industry increased by 39.7% and 37.49% respectively over the same period of last year, creating a good performance of 289000 tons of output and 115000 tons of export volume

In the past 10 years, China's glass fiber industry has achieved an average growth rate of nearly 9 percentage points higher than that of the building materials industry. Today, tank kiln technology has supported half of China's glass fiber industry, with exports rising for three consecutive years, and deep-processing products have earned enough export added value with an increase of 30% - 50%

the energy of China's glass fiber industry, which has accumulated market potential for many years, has been fully released

in front of the heavy market accumulation of the "three giants" of Saint Gobain in France, Owens Corning in the United States and PPG, China's glass fiber industry quietly broke the market monopoly pattern of foreign brands for decades

although the optimism of Europeans and Americans in the past has given China's glass fiber industry, which has strong fighting spirit, the opportunity to catch up and surpass. In the final analysis, the sudden rise of China's glass fiber industry should benefit from the macro-control of the national industrial policy of "controlling the total amount and adjusting the structure". The situation that the number of glass fiber enterprises is large and the scale is too scattered has undergone a fundamental change after the development and construction during the Ninth Five Year Plan period. Enterprises with an annual output of more than 10000 tons have become industry leaders; The Ministry also has strong impact resistance. Large and medium-sized enterprises have expanded their enterprise scale and improved their market competitiveness through capital expansion, asset restructuring, technological transformation and new product development; After the transformation of the mechanism, a number of specialized export enterprises for deep processing of glass fiber products have emerged; The three glass fiber bases have established enterprise science and technology research and development centers that combine production, learning and research, effectively promoting the transformation of scientific research achievements into productivity; In view of the current market trend, new products, new processes and new equipment have been promoted and applied. The short cut precursor continuous felt, seam woven felt, warp knitted geogrid, wide cloth, wall cloth and other production lines that have been put into operation successively have improved the deep processing capacity of glass fiber products and expanded the application scope of glass fiber and products in various fields of economic construction

in the past 10 years, China's glass fiber industry has entered a "take-off" stage. In another 10 years, when the advanced tank furnace wire drawing process accounts for more than 70% of the whole industry, and when several large glass fiber group companies are full-fledged, they can compete with international brands

industry experts pointed out that China's glass fiber industry still has a long way to go in the future. Compared with the international top level, there is still a big gap in technical content and the number of varieties. When the standard tensile sample is in the tensile state, the export of products with extensometer or strain gauge on it is still facing the challenge of trade barriers. Therefore, China's glass fiber industry should calmly face the good situation of the current industry development, seize the important strategic opportunity period that can make great achievements in the first 20 years of the new century, and do a good job in improving the production concentration of products and the deep processing level of glass fiber products

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