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Caopufang, executive vice president of China Paper Industry Association, revealed at the report meeting on the production and marketing situation of the paper industry a few days ago that the 11th Five Year Plan for the development of the paper industry, which was originally planned to be formulated by the national development and Reform Commission, will no longer be issued, and its planning and guiding role for the industry will be replaced by the just issued paper industry development policy, The industry development goals are based on the "opinions of China Paper Association on the development of paper industry in the Eleventh Five Year Plan" as a reference

programmatic guidance

the paper industry development policy was promulgated by the national development and Reform Commission on October 31. When interpreting the policy, Cao Pufang said that the policy is the most complete policy document in the development process of China's paper industry. Its implementation will have important guiding significance for improving the development environment of the paper industry, fair market order, promoting the implementation of the scientific concept of development in the paper industry, and building a resource-saving, environment-friendly and sustainable modern paper industry

Cao Pufang said that China's paper industry is now facing both opportunities and challenges: the stable economic development provides strong support for the paper industry, making the industry develop in a benign but unsustainable direction; At the same time, the large dependence on foreign materials, the increasing constraints of uncertain foreign trade, and the heavy and urgent task of energy conservation and emission reduction have also brought great pressure to the development of China's paper industry

in order to solve these constraints, the policy points out that we should follow the five basic principles of circular development, environmental protection, technological innovation, structural adjustment and opening up. The paper industry should have the development connotation of new industries, emphasize the awareness of resource conservation and environmental protection, and clarify the industrial access conditions, industrial layout and industrial strategic development direction

encourage mergers and acquisitions by various means

it is a common practice for many industries in China to formulate macro planning by formulating industry development goals under the auspices of industry associations and then submitting them to the competent authorities for approval. According to the specific objectives put forward by the paper Association, during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the development speed of the paper industry increased by about 6.3% annually, the new production capacity of paper and paperboard was 26.5 million tons, the existing backward production capacity was eliminated by 6.5 million tons, and the effective production capacity reached 90million tons by 2010; The total output of paper and paperboard reached about 76 million tons, and the per capita consumption reached 62 kg, exceeding the current world average consumption level; The GDP of pulp and paper enterprises above designated size has more than doubled over 2000

at the report meeting, a relevant person from the economic operation Bureau of the national development and Reform Commission pointed out that the paper industry is currently one of the industries with the largest resource consumption in China. Therefore, the paper industry must work hard in energy conservation and emission reduction. Therefore, the environmental protection goal proposed by the paper association is: during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, however, due to the decline of cobalt, manganese/aluminum content, the average water intake per ton of products in the paper industry decreased from 103 cubic meters in 2005 to 80 cubic meters, a decrease of 22.3%; The comprehensive average energy consumption (standard coal) decreased from 1.38 tons in 2005 to 1.10 tons, a decrease of 20.3%

the main raw material of papermaking is wood fiber, and China is a country with extreme shortage of wood resources. Therefore, in terms of raw material utilization, it is proposed to further reduce the proportion of wood pulp fiber in paper products, reduce the amount of wood, and improve the utilization rate of waste pulp. By 2010, the structure of wood pulp, waste pulp and non wood pulp will be adjusted from the current 22%, 54% and 24% to 26%, 56% and 18%. The proportion of domestic wood pulp will be increased from 7% in 2005 to more than 9%, and the proportion of domestic waste pulp will be increased from 28% to 34%; At the same time, strive to achieve the safety requirements for the construction of a papermaking forest base of 5million hectares and the connection of new wood rope clamps determined in the national special plan for the integration of forestry and paper, which should meet the goal of gb5967 (2) 006 "steel wire rope clamp" pulp production capacity of 6.45 million tons

it is noteworthy that in terms of the new layout of industrial development, the paper industry association proposed a strategic layout from north to south. To this end, domestic ring block friction and wear testing machine enterprises should be encouraged to carry out cross regional, cross departmental, cross industry and cross ownership mergers and reorganization, and strive to cultivate 5-10 large enterprise groups with an annual production capacity of more than 3million tons and with characteristics and international competitiveness

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