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The paper industry must strive to improve the recycling and utilization of waste paper Waste paper recycling is an effective way to save resources and be environment-friendly in the paper industry.

from the perspective of the paper industry, traditional paper making gives people an impression: when it comes to paper making, people think that it is an energy consuming modification and test, which has become an important and environmentally polluting industry indispensable to flight experiments. This is also the case with traditional paper making. Therefore, thousands of traditional paper mills in China have been closed, and now there are only 3000; The original 32 paper mills of Shanghai paper are now basically closed, and three of them have been transformed and reorganized into foreign-funded enterprises, which can be retained. Therefore, paper mills that do not meet the requirements of environmental protection and market economy cannot survive

the key to building a "resource-saving and environment-friendly" papermaking industry is to make full use of waste paper with advanced scientific and technological means to produce recycled paper more directly and effectively. This is a successful experience recognized by all countries in the world. According to the calculation of relevant experts, each ton of waste paper can save 3m3 wood, 1.2 tons of standard coal, 600 kwh of electricity and 50m3 of water. This not only saves resources and energy, but also protects the ecological environment, and significantly reduces the project investment and production costs

it can meet the requirements of clean, civilized and pollution-free in the production process. Therefore, improving the recycling and utilization of waste paper and reducing the residue ash content "turning waste into treasure" are beneficial to environmental protection and economic development, and meet the requirements of the sustainable development of circular economy. It can also solve a large number of social labor and employment arrangements

2. The gap between China's waste paper recycling and utilization and the international level

why can't China's waste paper recycling and utilization be improved

a the domestic market system of waste paper recycling has not been established, and the recycling method is primitive and backward, with high cost and low efficiency; The operators are small and scattered, lack strength, and have no recycling, sorting, processing and packaging capacity and system management; Poor quality and high impurity content, and there is a big gap between the quality and price of imported waste paper

b waste paper has not established a unified classification quality standard and inspection and testing method

c common difficulties in the utilization of waste paper (removal of deinking dust and adhesion, improvement of whiteness, environmental protection treatment technology, etc.) need to be better solved (which has not been effectively overcome in China)

d lack of policy support for waste paper recycling and utilization and the unified organization and supervision of the government

e people's understanding of the ideological significance of waste paper recycling and the production of recycled paper needs to be improved

however, there are many examples of producing high-grade household paper and office paper from waste paper in developed countries, while there is no qualified high-grade recycled paper in China. We have conducted technical exchanges with Europe, the United States and Japan and have made many field visits, so it is possible for Shanghai to produce high-grade recycled paper. Shanghai is an international city with many favorable conditions. Through our efforts, we have increased the waste paper recycling rate from 45% of the highest price level since the economic crisis in 2008 to 60% in 2010. The recycling volume has increased by 450000 tons, with a direct value of more than 600million; The utilization rate of waste paper is increased to more than 80%, and it can produce high-quality and high-grade recycled paper, which is more valuable. And provide at least 5000 jobs. Therefore, improving the recycling and utilization of waste paper can not only save a lot of resources and energy, but also protect the natural ecology and social environment, which is of great significance. We can provide recycled "green" office paper as soon as possible and all kinds of green paper products for the "WorldExpo"

suggestions on waste paper recycling:

1 waste paper recycling should have classification standards to ensure the quality of waste paper classification varieties

2 waste paper recycling is carried out by contracting in pieces, and strict systems and regulations are established to carry out in an orderly manner

3 the Shanghai Municipal People's government should have a unified organization, leadership, management and supervision department

4 under the leadership of the government, a non-governmental organization (similar association) should help publicize waste paper recycling, promote business development, coordinate management, formulate standards, self-discipline in the industry, exchange statistics, dispute handling, etc; (the source of funds can be extracted from each ton of waste paper)

5 it is suggested that Shanghai should establish a waste paper trading market (including enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta), which is the rule to bring the waste paper trading into the market economy and prevent monopoly and vicious competition

6 in order to encourage contractors to collect and treat waste paper, "turn waste into treasure" and improve the city appearance and environment, the municipal government should give corresponding policies and preferences to contractors' investment and construction

suggestions on the production of recycled paper from waste paper

- it is best to have a project to produce high-grade household paper and office paper. Adopt high-tech means, import advanced technology and equipment, and combine the experience of waste paper deinking technology in Europe, America and Japan to produce high-grade recycled household paper and office paper. It is suggested that the project of producing high-grade recycled toilet paper with waste paper deinking pulp can be selected, and the production of recycled office paper can be expanded

- in order to ensure the supply of office waste paper, the municipal government should stipulate that the office waste paper of various organs, Chinese and foreign enterprises and institutions should be uniformly purchased by production enterprises and companies; (or the office waste paper purchased by the waste paper purchasing contractor is selected and qualified for the use of the production enterprise.)

- enterprises import advanced technical equipment to solve technical difficulties, so they hope the government can give special policies and preferences; (for recycled high-grade paper, according to the current regulations of various countries, corresponding provisions should be made on the quality standard of recycled paper, reasonable waste paper ratio and the price of recycled paper)

- Recycled high-grade paper needs to be vigorously publicized to all sectors of society to improve people's understanding of the significance of waste paper recycling and the use of recycled paper, and stipulates that all organs, enterprises and institutions must implement "green procurement" to ensure sufficient qualified raw materials and the expanded application of recycled paper

through the joint efforts of all parties, Shanghai paper has made new improvements in improving the recycling and utilization of waste paper, and made new contributions to the construction of a "resource-saving and environment-friendly" society. 5. The control system has strong adaptability to the environment

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