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The paper industry has built fast-growing and high-yield forests

paper enterprises, once regarded as one of the biggest destroyers of the ecological environment, may become the main force in improving the ecological environment in China in the 21st century. Zhangshanmei, deputy director of the State Administration of light industry, said here a few days ago that the Chinese government has chosen the ecological paper industry as the development direction of the paper industry

China is currently the third largest papermaking country in the world. It is estimated that by 2010, China's demand for paper and paper products will reach more than 70 million tons. But for a long time, paper-making enterprises have no their own timber forest base, and the development of this industry is at the expense of valuable natural forest resources to a large extent

Huang Runbin, executive vice president of China Paper Association, said that now is the best time to develop the ecological paper industry

the establishment of raw material bases funded by papermaking enterprises and the targeted cultivation of fast-growing and high-yield papermaking forests can, to a large extent, "promote paper with forest and promote forest with paper", and solve the problem of destroying the environment that the papermaking industry urgently needs to solve at present

many enterprises in China have made some explorations in the development of ecological paper industry. Hunan Yueyang Paper Group Company has established its own timber forest base in Dongting Lake area as early as a few years ago, and has played an active role in flood control and water and soil conservation in the lake area. At present, the company has been approved to establish a forestry base with a vertical clamping experiment of 100000 kilometers in Dongting Lake area

Guangdong main ring and middle main ring can be circular or other appropriate sections: large paper enterprises in, Fujian, Jiangsu and other places are also preparing to invest in building large-scale timber forest bases. (excerpted from Hong Kong business daily)

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