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The paper industry needs to develop in a balanced way. Experts interpret that coated paper has suffered from double anti-dumping.

the rapid development of China's paper industry in recent years has formed a sharp contrast with the relative stability of the global paper industry. Is the operation of each speed stable? The export of some Chinese paper products has an impact on the inherent interests of the world's established paper-making powers, which is also the deep-seated reason why China's paper industry has recently encountered anti-dumping and countervailing measures from the United States and Europe. Li Hongxin, chairman of the paper industry chamber of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce and chairman of the sun paper industry, interpreted the root cause of China's coated paper repeatedly encountering the double rebellion of European and American countries at the public open day activities recently held by Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd. as small as radio and MP3 Co., Ltd

it is reported that China's paper production will exceed 100 million tons this year. From the annual output of more than 10 million tons in the early 1990s to the current annual output of the world's first, after 20 years of efforts, China's paper industry has achieved a leap from a small industrial country to a large industrial country

but Li Hongxin said that at present, China's paper export volume only accounts for 1/30 of the total production. Moreover, due to environmental protection and the protection of domestic demand, China does not advocate a large number of paper exports, but focuses on meeting domestic demand. Therefore, there is no export tax rebate support for paper, waste paper processing trade is also limited, the government has no other subsidies, and paper enterprises develop themselves completely in a market-oriented environment

a correct understanding of the development status of China's paper enterprises and a correct handling of the balance between the rise of China's paper industry and the world market are of great significance to the healthy development of China's paper industry, the new material PCC high-energy masterbatch made from it, and the development of the world's paper and paper equipment industry. To this end, China's paper industry and government management departments should strengthen dialogue with the industrial circles of European and American countries, establish a coordination mechanism, strengthen communication, enhance understanding, and reason with each other. Therefore, the performance of the interface will affect the overall performance solution of composite materials, jointly negotiate the international industrial division of labor, reduce international trade friction, and form a new pattern of win-win cooperation between China's paper industry and the international paper industry. Li Hongxin said

Li Hongxin stressed that while seeing the rapid development of China's paper industry, we should also be soberly aware that China is a large country in the paper industry, far from a strong country in the paper industry, and there is still a considerable gap between China and advanced countries; Standing on the peak of the world's largest output, China's paper industry still faces many difficulties and challenges in the future, especially the insufficient supply capacity of raw materials, which has always been an important factor affecting the balanced and healthy development of China's paper industry

Li Hongxin said that in 2009, China imported 13.68 million tons of pulp, a year-on-year increase of 43.7%; 27.5 million tons of waste paper were imported, with a year-on-year increase of 13.6%. It is estimated that at present, imported raw materials have accounted for 42% of the total raw materials. It is foreseeable that this phenomenon may continue for a long time

it is reported that coated paper is currently the largest paper product exported to the United States. On April 30, the U.S. Department of Commerce preliminarily ruled that the coated paper products imported from China and Indonesia were sold at a lower than normal value in the U.S. market, which constituted a dumping act, and announced that the coated paper imported from China would be subject to an anti-dumping tariff of 30.82%, while the coated paper imported from Indonesia would be subject to an anti-dumping tariff of 10.62%

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