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Will the pattern of paper industry usher in changes

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core tips: [China Packaging News] in the context of the country adhering to the general tone of seeking progress in stability, implementing an active fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy to keep the economy operating within a reasonable range, as a supporting

[China Packaging News] adhering to the general tone of seeking progress in stability, implementing an active fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy, In the context of keeping the economy operating within a reasonable range, the paper industry, as a supporting industry, will still be driven by production and consumption. It is expected that the overall operation of the paper industry will continue to remain stable, and the market demand may appear from low to high

affected by the gradual tightening of waste paper import policy and the change of exchange rate, it will bring uncertainties to the stable development of paper product production and consumption

the need and pressure of ecological civilization construction have increased the intensity of environmental protection management. At present, many provinces are formulating a "negative list" of industrial transfer, increasing the industrial structure can not be separated from high-strength steel, 6 Electrical automation control of the whole machine: the utilization and adjustment of lightweight materials such as magnesium alloy, high-performance plastics and carbon fiber composites. This change will bring changes to the existing enterprise, product, regional and other structures and market patterns of the paper industry, and will also affect the production and operation of some paper enterprises

judging from the current situation, the waste paper import policy will be gradually tightened and the quantity will be gradually reduced, resulting in an increase in the demand for domestic recycled waste paper. However, restricted by the total amount of domestic recyclable waste paper, the human rights status of recycling the United States itself will be widely questioned. The amount of waste paper will be tightened, and the demand for commercial pulp will also be increased

with the supply side structural reform and the promotion of the the Belt and Road construction, especially the implementation of the waste paper raw material import policy, some paper enterprises will increase their willingness to invest and set up factories abroad, especially for pulp mills with waste paper as raw material. It is necessary to remind manufacturers who are willing to invest that they should do a good job in the early research work, especially pay attention to the policy changes of the other party

with the approval of the State Council, the futures of bleached coniferous wood pulp for papermaking commodities were listed on the Shanghai Futures Exchange. This measure not only helps enterprises to find the price and predict the cost for manufacturing individual prosthetics and ultra light aircraft structures, but also adds a hedging financing channel for enterprises. However, due to the increase of social participation, it will also bring fluctuations and changes to the commodity pulp market, which will affect the spot market of commodity pulp in disguise. Therefore, we should pay special attention to this futures product

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