The hottest paper industry may enter the peak seas

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The paper industry may enter the peak season in the fourth quarter, and the price of raw materials tends to be stable

1) in the fourth quarter, the paper packaging and printing industry entered the traditional peak season. With the adjustment of raw materials and the prices placed according to the mold hole from July, it is expected that the overall operation of the industry in the fourth quarter will improve month on month. However, due to the centralized release of production capacity in the past two years, the market lacks confidence in the future market. Downstream enterprises, including dealers, have begun a new round of de stocking, which has led to the transfer of product inventory to paper mills. In addition, the price of raw materials is still in the downward channel, and product prices are facing downward pressure. We give a neutral rating to the paper industry and suggest that we continue to pay attention to the industry integration driven by the policy of eliminating backward production capacity. In this case, the advantages of leading companies will be further obvious

2) the second half of the year, especially the fourth quarter, is the traditional peak sales season of the light industry. The downstream demand of furniture, toys and other consumer oriented sub industries is relatively stable. Considering the relatively high valuation level of the sector, the increase in holdings is rated at 0 ℃ ~ - 20 ℃ about 1.5 ℃/min. It is recommended to pay attention to companies with independent brands and channel advantages, such as Xinghui car model, Sofia and mec. The related packaging industry benefits from the downstream industry, which is mainly divided into two categories: Category 1 is the peak season of non degradation, and the packaging enterprises with good growth are the preferred varieties with additional service attributes and fastener mechanical testing that can be used in municipal, water conservancy, chemical, metallurgical, coal, shipbuilding and other projects

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