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The paper industry must formulate a sustainable development strategy

because there are still problems in the industry, such as unreasonable product and raw material structure, blindly following the trend of investment, low-level repeated construction and disorderly competition, printing technology. The industry must formulate a sustainable development strategy in Central China

the road to recovery is not smooth.

Yaojingyuan, chief economist of the National Bureau of statistics, said that China's economy is now in a stable and good stage. However, we cannot be blindly optimistic about the material market for the achievements we have made. Because our foundation is not stable, our pattern is not balanced, and our development process has uncertain material prices

guoyongxin, assistant director of China Light Industry Information Center and paper industry expert, pointed out that the stormy impact of the international financial crisis on the industry has passed the printing market. However, the industry has not completely come out of the shadow, and will zigzag forward in terms of equipment consumables. He said that China's paper industry has huge development space in the future, but six game problems must be solved. The Ministry of industry and information technology issued the requirements for the management of automotive hazardous materials and recyclability (Exposure Draft), including the game between raw material costs and product prices, the game between investment enthusiasm and overcapacity, the game between central policies and local implementation, the game between private and intensive forest land management The game between advanced technology and performance price and the game between China's rise and the global market

A leader of the Industrial Coordination Department of the national development and Reform Commission said that the problem of industrial structure was not a printing alliance brought about by the financial crisis. The financial crisis will promote the adjustment of industry structure, and the printing tools of enterprises with poor competitiveness and backwardness will be eliminated. Now the merger and reorganization between enterprises is a good thing. Enterprises can expand and strengthen printing technology in this way. At present, Huatai, Chenming and MCC have incorporated some enterprises into their subsidiaries, and many enterprises are negotiating printing tools. The Ministry of industry and information technology is formulating policies on mergers and acquisitions and the elimination of backward production capacity, and the fiscal policy will tilt printing technology to relevant enterprises. It is necessary to follow the internationalization route. Sun paper and MCC group have built pulp plants in Laos, Myanmar and other countries. Using foreign resources to make paper is a better printing tool. A government department leader attending the meeting said that the State supports enterprises to invest in the printing market overseas

Mr. guoyongxin said that during the financial crisis, foreign enterprises continued to reduce production to raise product prices; China's paper industry is constantly expanding its production capacity and increasing the export volume of some kinds of paper, printing in Central China. Therefore, foreign countries have increased the market of anti-dumping materials for China's coated paper and other products. China's recycling loading and unloading and other complex experimental paper industry needs to deal with this relationship and the material market. At this stage, enterprises of all sizes in China's paper industry have a demand for printing technology for high, medium and low-grade equipment. This requires the equipment industry to introduce foreign advanced equipment on two legs and improve the manufacturing level of domestic equipment in Central China. Liumingming, President of Voith Paper Asia, said that in the upgrading stage of China's paper industry, Voith strengthened China's localized supply and service capabilities, and launched relevant technical equipment and service programs to help Chinese enterprises protect the environment, reduce energy consumption, and improve competitiveness in Central China

Mr. bertel, President of Metso Paper Machinery Company, said that we are very pleased to see that China's economy, which has quickly extricated itself from difficulties in the global economic downturn, is providing strong support for the recovery of the world economy, equipment and consumables. Metso is the beneficiary of China's economic recovery. So far, Metso has obtained 6 paper machines and a number of reconstruction contract materials from China. For more than 70 years, Metso has always worked faithfully with Chinese customers and continuously developed localized equipment consumables. Metso provides technology and equipment to China to help enterprises reduce production costs, improve resource utilization and reduce environmental pollution, and promote the sustainable development of printing tools in the industry

Zhang Yin, vice president of the paper industry chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce and chairman of Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Co., Ltd., proposed that papermaking with waste paper is a green industry, and the state should encourage the recycling of domestic waste paper and the export of packaging paper and other products produced with waste paper, so as to increase employment on the one hand and promote the development of circular economy in the paper industry on the other hand

change the concept of survival of the fittest

Li Chaowang, chairman of Weida paper (International) Holding Co., Ltd., said that he had experienced the financial storm and had a deep understanding of the printing market. First, enterprises should have a sense of winter and prepare their wealth in the spring in order to safely survive the winter printing market. Second, enterprises should develop healthily, and the asset liability ratio should maintain a reasonable level of material market. Vida's goal this year is to maintain the asset liability ratio at about 30%, and we must ensure the safety of assets, equipment and consumables. Third, specialization can strengthen and expand equipment consumables. Fourth, equity diversification is beneficial to the development of private enterprises. He said that in 2007, Vader listed printing technology in Hong Kong. When many people value 100% shares, Vader has introduced two companies from the United States and Europe as shareholders to develop and expand the printing market with international capital. Practice shows that this strategy is the right printing alliance

Li Chaowang stressed that the household paper industry should establish an innovative system of printing tools. There is a large market space for household paper in the future, but it is not a good material market to rely on traditional development. Chinese enterprises should make good use of this large market in China, increase investment in sales channels, and establish their own brand printing alliance. These two points are also the fundamental printing market for Vida's transformation from traditional to modern manufacturing

Wang Zhongming, Deputy Secretary General of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, said that the international financial crisis has made Chinese people smarter, especially private enterprises working hard to produce hard bone printing tools

Mr. Wu Jialin, President of taigelin Paper Group, said: enterprises that cannot adapt to changes can never expand and strengthen equipment consumables. Therefore, enterprises should change the material market. Many people are familiar with the past, few can predict the future, many people believe it when they see it, few believe it before they see it, many people abide by the game plan, and few people formulate the game plan. Guo Yongxin said that I hope the leading enterprises here can become people who make game plans. Guo Yongxin expressed the common aspiration of the participants to face the change, and prospectively revise the industry development coordinates to achieve sustainable development of central printing

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