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Recently, the "2014 (7th) top ten brands selection of China's overall wardrobe" came to an end in Beijing, and canoya wardrobe also won the title of "2014 China's green, low-carbon and environmental protection brand"

recently, the "2014 (7th) China's top ten overall wardrobe brands selection" activity came to an end in Beijing, "China's top ten overall wardrobe brands" was announced, and canoya wardrobe was ranked on the list. So far, canoya has won the honor of "China's top ten overall wardrobe brands" for seven consecutive years, ranking second to none in the wardrobe industry. In this selection activity, canoya wardrobe also won the title of "2014 China's green, low-carbon and environmental protection brand"

as the earliest wardrobe brand in China, Kanoya people have insisted on searching up and down for 14 years, making continuous efforts, always insisting on quality and service first, and customizing exclusive home space for consumers across the country. After years of efforts, with modern production equipment, innovative research and development that closely follows the international trend and rigorous and meticulous production management, canoya's products now cover six spaces, including bedroom, study, living room, dining room, lobby and youth room, and can provide eight styles of products, including modern, French, American, Chinese, simple Europe, northern Europe, rural and solid wood. Excellent product quality, stable brand character and considerate service character have made canoya win many affirmation and recognition from the industry, market and consumers in the past 14 years

standing at the new starting point of 2015, canoya wardrobe will start again towards the future: in 2015, the trademark of KNOYA was officially upgraded to KNOYA, and the environmental protection cabinet board substrate with formaldehyde emission less than 0.5mg/l was officially used, and the environmental protection quality was upgraded across the board. Guangdong canoya home furnishings (Co., Ltd.), which aims directly at listing, was grandly established on the occasion of the new year. The fifth phase production base of canoya with a total area of more than 600 mu is also about to be completed and put into operation, opening a new prelude to the development of canoya wardrobe

in the face of achievements, Kanoya is not arrogant or impetuous, and will continue to make great progress on the road of customizing home, adhering to the enterprise vision of "using Kanoya people's unremitting efforts to make our home infinitely beautiful because of us" and the customization spirit of "changing because of you, keeping the promise unchanged"





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