The Phoenix Nirvana of door and window enterprises

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In just a few years, the rapid development of the Internet has not only impacted traditional occupations, but also injected new vitality into traditional occupations. The combination of home building materials and the Internet is also deepening. Using the Internet to promote service and expand ways has become a new outlet and new starting point for many door and window enterprises. Nowadays, the economic situation is getting more and more serious, and the shopping mall environment is getting more and more messy. Door and window enterprises can harvest and grow in the dilemma by choosing their own operation form

using o2o entity and virtual combination

as we all know, in the past two years, the concept of "Internet +" has become rampant. Since the term "Internet +" was spread, more and more door and window enterprises have "been electrocuted", and o2o has become a hot form of development. Some powerful door and window enterprises have also taken actions to actively integrate with o2o, making full use of o2o to assist consumers in online selection and offline experience. This form fully respects the special category of doors and windows, which emphasizes experience. From online to offline, it uses high-quality and comprehensive style products of experience stores to subdue consumers with professional services, so as to achieve outstanding public praise and good sales

it can be seen that although the door and window industry is a traditional manufacturing industry, it can also use the virtual network to bring benefits to the enterprise. As the saying goes, as long as the real economy and the virtual economy are effectively combined, we can plan strategies and win thousands of miles away

light inventory breaks the mystery

inventory can be said to be the unspeakable pain of traditional door and window enterprises. In order to break this situation, door and window enterprises should try their best to create a light inventory form from the whole industrial chain, so as to win more time and capital for planning, development, production ability, mall operation, etc. Powerful door and window brands can establish production bases in large regions of the country. In this way, door and window enterprises can have rapid response ability and outstanding autonomy in the whole upstream production process, so as to concentrate more on planning, development and mall operation

with the support of a strong planning team and the guidance of a keen sense of business, door and window enterprises can effectively shorten the time interval between the new product and the first order, thereby effectively reducing inventory and achieving a faster turnover speed, which also means that the more cash flow, the less pressure and danger. The form of light inventory can help enterprises actively respond to consumers quickly according to the response of the season, and make adjustments to the product line according to the needs of consumers. There is no need to worry about the pressure of inventory, so that products can reach consumers faster

in 2017, there are still many difficulties to be overcome in the door and window industry. Door and window enterprises should not blindly follow the trend in the selection of operation forms, and only by taking their own path can they break into a new Xintiandi





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