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Feng Shui has been popular in China for a long time. As more and more people benefit from Feng Shui, more and more people begin to believe in Feng Shui. What are the stresses of interior decoration and Feng Shui in Feng Shui? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

interior decoration and Feng Shui pay attention to the wealth and wealth symbolized by the kitchen. The leading idea of the design is abundance. Therefore, the kitchen should be bright and lively. The space should be as wide and comfortable as possible, the ventilation position should be good, and attention should be paid to cleanliness. The setting position of the stove must be placed in Kyrgyzstan. (including the position of the faucet). Feng Shui believes that the main maker of wealth is

5. The divine throne

religious belief, spiritual sustenance, and the sacred position of human worship should choose an auspicious formula. Design principle: be solemn, serious and spiritual. Pay attention that Buddha and God cannot be placed together, especially face-to-face. Fleeting years sew Yin, afternoon, Xu year, Sha sitting north. Gods (including ancestors) should not be placed in the north and south. Fleeting years meet Hai, Mao, and the new year, and Sha sits in the West. Gods (including ancestors) should not be placed to sit north and south. Fleeting years, sewing, unitary, ugly years, evil sitting east. Gods (including ancestors) should not sit east to west. Fleeting years sew Shen, Zi and Chen Nian, and Sha sits south. Gods (including ancestors) should not be placed in the South and North. In the decoration, if the owner of the house requires to make a god table, he should pay attention to the following points:

⑴ the height of the God table should be measured with a meter from the ground, which is suitable for the height, and the auspicious word is used

⑵ the length of the divine table is measured from left to right to a suitable length, and the auspicious character is used

⑶ the distance across the God table should be more than the height of the God table. Two and a half places is auspicious

⑷ electric poles, interior and exterior corners, columns and a line of eye obstructions are not allowed opposite the God table

(5) the fluorescent lamp in front of the God table should be parallel

⑥ the divine table cannot be higher than the threshold, which is called "balance sword", and the main culprit

6. Balcony

in modern cities, the balcony is where people get angry and sunshine. It symbolizes people's eyes and breath, represents distant vision and breath, and should be far and smooth in design

7. Bathroom

it is a symbol of family happiness and perfection, representing abdomen, intestines, stomach, sex organs, and health. The key point of the design is that the bed is strong, and at the same time, it has good privacy. At present, many bathrooms are in the same room, but we should pay attention to convenience and sanitation

8. Toilet

Chinese people believe that the excretions of the body (urine, sweat, semen, menstrual blood) all represent human vitality, and the design should be smooth and full. And pay attention to hygiene. The most important avoidance is that the toilet and kitchen cannot be opposite the door and the kitchen back cannot be a toilet. (why does Fengshui www.azg need "daylighting"? Every house must have daylighting in order to have Yang Qi (noble Qi), which is a force of Fengshui to help us in power, status and prestige. However, Feng Shui is neither too good nor too bad. Good feng shui residential lighting means that the light enters the house gently, but there is a shady surface in the house, so that yin and yang can be coordinated and noble and rich. If the sunlight is too strong and penetrates the whole room, it will be a light ghost, which will cause the people in the room to be tired of running for power, status and prestige, or lose their humanity, which may cause harm, or even lose power, status and prestige. For small family houses, because the indoor space is not large, if the lighting surface is too large, the light will fill the whole house, forming the light ghost of Feng Shui. Adding curtains or not opening windows can be resolved, so that the light can not enter the house as far as possible

tips for finding a house: every house must choose one with light source, but the lighting surface of small houses must not be too large. Avoid the whole wall and design it as floor to ceiling windows or open spaces (there are almost no cement compartments in the house). There are often pattern designs with glass windows on both walls, which are the so-called Feng Shui houses with light evil. In addition, you should look at the house at least once during the day and at night to confirm whether the whole house is bright during the day without any shade

2. Good ventilation

why ventilation is needed? Any house must have ventilation in order to have smooth gas (wealth gas). If it belongs to mild ventilation and good ventilation, it is the "hiding wind and gathering gas" in Feng Shui, which has the good fortune of smooth wealth and prosperity. The gentle inflow of air and its circulation in the house can make our life smooth and unobstructed, and the opportunity to obtain wealth continues. As has been said before, the ventilation problems of common small family houses are not good whether the geomantic omen is too fast or not. If the wind and air flow are too fast and strong, and fill the whole house, it will be "wind evil", which will cause people in the house to be tired of running for money, or lose their emotional and human side, thus causing harm, and the result will naturally be unable to get money and fortune. Because the indoor space of small family houses is not large, once the weather changes and the wind and air flow become stronger, it is easy to rush into the whole house and fill the whole house, forming the wind evil spirit of Feng Shui. The solution is to try not to open the window, or close the window, which can resolve the wind evil

tips for finding a house: the house should be ventilated, but don't open the window when the strong wind blows in. Therefore, when selecting small family houses, in addition to confirming that there must be ventilation sources, we should also be careful not to choose houses that are easy to cause strong winds to pour into the house. When looking at the house, remember to open the window at the scene and feel the ventilation for yourself. Whether the airflow enters the house gently or directly. And walk around every corner of the house to feel whether the air flow circulates smoothly in the house, whether there is a dead corner where the air flow cannot reach, or whether the air flow in a certain direction and corner is particularly strong, which makes people feel cold and uncomfortable

in the evening, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the terrace, or you can have afternoon tea with three or five friends on weekends. If the terrace is properly arranged, you can also increase your transportation. Why not

bright aquarium, look carefree

a low pool is bad for Feng Shui, while a high aquarium is a good choice. Square and rectangular aquariums, five elements belong to wood, while round aquariums, five elements belong to water. The above two kinds are the most common, and the other is in line with the moral of water, wood and water. In terms of Feng Shui, triangular aquarium and wavy aquarium are not suitable. What we must remember is: the big fish tank should be equipped with lights. A tank of dark water is there, which brings death. After the aquarium is equipped with lights, especially some plants such as water plants are cultivated. It seems that the light in the aquarium is bright and the air is circulating, so that people sitting next to it can be comfortable and forget their worries. Moreover, the fish in the aquarium are swimming, which can constantly stimulate the good aura

the terrace is not suitable for office

tables, chairs, reclining chairs, plus colored cushions, are very suitable for appearing on the terrace, creating a feeling of leisure and vacation. However, it's best not to put the desk on the terrace, because the terrace is an outdoor environment, and you can't get a good magnetic field in the house (Feng Shui generally believes that you should have a tile cover on your head before you live at home). If you work on the terrace, the effect will be greatly weakened, and there is no way to create a layout like Qinglong Qianwang

don't let the porch do you a disservice

many people will be frightened by a sentence that goes before and after, and money goes empty. There are always guests asking me: do you want to set up a porch to block it? And once good wealth is really blocked, it will waste a good house! There is a saying in geomantic circles called Shanze ventilation. As long as the Qi entering the door is auspicious in this yuan Yun, it can walk around the house. As for the terrace, of course, you need to have a clear view, but don't be afraid to open the door and see the terrace, or see the door on the terrace. Especially when decorating a new house, don't




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