Indoor decoration Feng Shui taboo these six taboos

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For most homeowners, after buying a house, it is necessary to decorate it. As we all know, the quality of house decoration will directly affect the quality of life in the future. Therefore, in the layout, we must pay attention to the Feng Shui taboo of interior decoration, so as to create a comfortable and warm room. Of course, during construction, we should pay attention to the collocation of colors in addition to furniture, Now let's go with Xiaobian to learn more about it

Feng Shui taboo in interior decoration — Bedroom decoration Feng Shui

for the decoration of this area, the selection of colors should not be too gorgeous, otherwise it will be very detrimental to their own fortune. Therefore, it is recommended that the bedroom colors should be simple and warm, neither too bright, nor too dazzling. Generally speaking, excessive luxury or glittering accessories are not suitable

Feng Shui taboo in interior decoration — Plant placement Feng Shui

putting a few pots of green plants in the house can not only improve the taste of the whole room, but also increase the indoor greenness and improve the Feng Shui pattern in the home. Therefore, many newly decorated houses often have a lot of lush plants, but when selecting, it is recommended to choose plants that are evergreen, strong vitality, not easy to wither and fall

Feng Shui taboo in interior decoration — House type Feng Shui taboo

for most house types, the first thing you see after entering the door is the hall. If not, you should pay special attention to it during construction. For example, some owners consider the space configuration, and when they enter the door, they see the kitchen, dining room or bathroom. In fact, these layouts violate the Feng Shui taboo of public houses, which is very unreasonable. Living in this pattern, family fortune will decline

Feng Shui taboo in interior decoration — Kitchen Feng Shui taboo

in order to make the best use of the living room area, many owners will build some irregular areas into kitchens. In fact, this practice is wrong. It will directly affect the health of family members. At the same time, these irregular spaces should not be used as bedrooms, study, etc. it is suggested that they be used as storage rooms

Feng Shui taboo in interior decoration — Toilet Feng Shui taboo

as we all know, the toilet is a place for sewage discharge, so in addition to the appropriate location, it should also be kept clean and dry to retain wealth. In the selection of location, it should not be located at the end of the corridor, but on the side, and it should not be changed into a bedroom, otherwise it will have an impact on environmental health and harm people's physical and mental health

Feng Shui taboo in interior decoration — Mirror Feng Shui taboo

because the mirror has the effect of reflection, the door of the home should not be facing it directly, otherwise it will shine the evil spirit into the house, which will cause bad luck. At the same time, don't face the bed, otherwise when you wake up from sleep, you will be easily frightened by yourself reflected in the mirror

summary: Well, the above is the introduction of the indoor decoration Feng Shui taboo. I hope to provide you with some help. I believe that in the future attention process of indoor decoration Feng Shui, friends will be more handy and create their own satisfactory room decoration




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