The domestic soda ash market will continue to rise

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In April, the domestic soda ash market will continue to rise.

in April, the domestic agricultural production material demand will enter the peak season, and the chemical fertilizer market sales will gradually increase from south to north. With the gradual increase of fertilizer sales, the demand for soda ash will continue to increase. The situation of supply exceeding demand is likely to expand further

soda ash is a product with high energy consumption. We will encounter changes in the price of new materials every day, which will have a great impact on the product cost. Judging from the current rising trend of international energy prices, the prices of crude oil and coal will continue to rise in April, while the supply of raw salt market also shows signs of becoming relatively tight. The increase and increase of production raw materials may further increase the market price of soda ash

the price rise in the international soda ash market drives the domestic price rise. Due to the continuous rise of RMB exchange rate, the export price of soda ash has increased. Affected by the appreciation of RMB, the export price of soda ash will still rise in April and drive the domestic price to continue to rise

in April, the demand for soda ash, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, glass, non-ferrous metals and mechanical and electrical products in the International (2) fireproof material market will gradually enter the peak period, and the export of China's products will also gradually increase. The market diversion effect driven by export will affect the balance of supply and demand in the domestic market and the stability of prices

in April, soda ash production in central and southern China and southwest China will gradually resume. The increase of market supply will play a positive role in balancing and stabilizing the domestic soda ash market

in April, the market price of domestic soda ash will continue to rise

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