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The draft national standard for furniture leather has been approved recently, the draft national standard for furniture leather revised by Jinjiang Xingye Leather Co., Ltd. has been completed. Relevant departments such as China Light Industry Federation, China Leather Association, Zhejiang Carson Industry Co., Ltd., Sichuan Leshan Zhenjing leather products Co., Ltd. and other leading enterprises held a review meeting in Jinjiang and adopted the draft

compared with the main domestic furniture leather producing areas such as Hebei and Guangdong, the leather enterprises in Jinjiang, Fujian Province mainly provide support for local shoe enterprises, almost all of which mainly produce shoe upper leather. At present, only Xingye leather is producing furniture leather. The furniture leather produced by Xingye leather has been in the leading position in the industry in terms of technology because it has long provided products for well-known brands at home and abroad The experimental report language can be converted from Chinese to English. Therefore, we have a better understanding of the technical standard requirements of the furniture leather market at home and abroad

yuanqinglu, quality director of Jinjiang Xingye Leather Co., Ltd., introduced that the draft was revised with reference to the technical standards of several leading domestic furniture leather enterprises of 3%, which was much higher than the original standard. Once formally implemented, it will drive the domestic furniture leather production technology to a higher level, and will be closer to international standards

it is reported that the national standard for furniture leather was revised because the national standard for furniture leather was formulated and issued in May1997 and has not been revised in the past decade. In recent years, the domestic market has put forward higher requirements for the quality and various indicators of furniture leather, and the old standards have failed to meet the market demand. Therefore, there are various enterprise standards in the industry @2 and then the trial investigation is stopped, the power is on for 30 seconds, and the local standards, resulting in confusion in the domestic furniture leather market

"at present, many enterprises have begun to focus on foreign markets. Many of the newly added standards are formulated with reference to international standards. The implementation of the new standards will speed up the integration with international standards." Yuanqinglu said. The draft subdivides the product classification from the original two categories into four categories, cancels the "tensile strength" index, changes the test method of "color fastness to rubbing", and adds prohibited azo dyes, free formaldehyde, folding fastness, abrasion resistance and other inspection items

Mr. Qian, Secretary General of Quanzhou Leather Industry Association, believes that the revised standard puts forward higher requirements for the production of many small and medium-sized enterprises, which can enhance their competitiveness. "In the case of fierce competition in the vamp leather market, the furniture leather market is a new choice for Jinjiang leather enterprises."

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