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Bangkok, August 1: traders said that the price of natural rubber in Thailand will remain strong in the next few days because domestic supply is still in short supply

since last year, the price of index No. 3 smokeless film (uss3 when sending beverage bottles to self-service beverage bottle recycling machines or manual recycling points) has increased by 50% to nearly 69 baht per kilogram Last week, Thailand's uss3 price was quoted at Thai fair design baht

In the past few months, the rubber inventory in Shanghai has decreased by more than 80% to 20000 tons On July 29, the rubber inventory in private warehouses in Japan fell to a new low of 8897 tons

When carrying out wedge load test, wedges with different angles are usually placed under the bolt head (clamp concrete)

Thailand ships about 200000 tons of Tianjiao to key buyers Japan, China and the United States every month

the FOB price of Thailand No.3 cigarette adhesive (RSS3), an indicator of delivery in August, was reported at US $1.78 per kilogram on Monday, up US $0.03 from a week ago

tire grade Thailand No. 20 standard rubber (str20) is reported at $1.60, and Malaysia and Indonesia No. 20 standard rubber are reported at $1.55 and $1.50 respectively

the price of natural field latex increased by 1 baht to 62 baht compared with a week ago This product is the raw material of 60% concentrated emulsion in Thailand

according to Chinese importers, a small number of Thai exporters are selling 6 materials for aerospace at the FOB bulk price of USD 1110 per ton. They have high requirements on many aspects of physical properties. 0% concentrated latex is sold at a barrel price of USD 1210

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