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The downward trend of titanium dioxide export may slow down

the titanium dioxide export data in April 2015 were released. The titanium dioxide export volume in April was 43588.99 tons, with a month on month decrease of 7.03% and a year-on-year decrease of 17.01%; In April, there will be no harm to people's health. The average export price is 1855.77 US dollars/ton. The average export price fell by 0.72% month on month and 8.61% year on year

both the export volume and the export price showed a significant decline in April. Once the data were released, the industry was in an uproar. Since last April, the export volume of titanium dioxide has increased significantly, and reached more than 50000 tons in consecutive April. Some people in the industry also hope to repeat last year's trend this year, thus supporting the continued rise of titanium dioxide prices. However, facts have proved that history is often difficult to repeat. In April, exports experienced a rare month on month and year-on-year decline, which can be said to be a Waterloo for exports. For the domestic titanium dioxide market, it also created a clear negative atmosphere, and the price trend in the later period was therefore clouded

among the main destinations of traditional exports, the number of the United States and Brazil decreased significantly. According to relevant data, the US industrial output in April fell by 0.3% quarter on quarter after quarter adjustment, which was the fifth consecutive month of decline, with a decline greater than the 0.2% expected by economists. In the sub item data, the manufacturing output in April was flat quarter on quarter, and the manufacturing output excluding automobiles fell by 0.1%. It can be seen that the US economic recovery was weak, its domestic titanium dioxide supply was very abundant, resulting in a weakening demand for China's titanium dioxide. In Brazil, it is more troubled by the exchange rate. As China's titanium dioxide exports to Brazil are mostly traded in U.S. dollars, the profits from exporting to Brazil have decreased significantly with the continuous sharp fall of the real exchange rate against the U.S. dollar in the past year

at the same time, we can see that India and Vietnam maintain rapid growth, and their geographical location and economic development status will promote their high demand for Chinese titanium dioxide. Therefore, it is suggested that domestic enterprises should tap more local customers to promote the foreign trade sales of titanium dioxide

as the mainstay of domestic titanium dioxide export, longmang, baililian and Shandong Dongjia saw a significant decrease in exports in April. According to the communication between Zhuo Chuang and some enterprises responsible for exports, exports in some regions did show some resistance in the past two months, mainly due to the abundant supply of titanium dioxide in Europe, the north and South America and some parts of Southeast Asia, the impact of lower overseas prices, and the weakening of domestic export performance price ratio, resulting in a reduction in the number of exports. Secondly, not only in the aspect of titanium dioxide, the global economic situation is not stimulated enough, and the overall external demand outlook of all industries is not optimistic. For this reason, HSBC recently said that it would reduce China's export growth forecast in 2015 from 7.1% to 4.2%. From the above, we can see that the external demand environment is poor. However, in April, the price of titanium dioxide in China rose and the cost performance advantage was missing, resulting in a sharp decline in the number of exports

after the Waterloo in April, what is the trend of titanium dioxide export in the later period? What effect will it have on the domestic market? First of all, it is understood that some enterprises have adjusted their export prices in May. The reduction of the project reflects that the price range of enterprises in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park is USD/ton. Therefore, China titanium dioxide may regain its price advantage and enhance its overseas price competitiveness. It is expected that in the coming months, the downward trend of titanium dioxide export may slow down gradually, but it is still very difficult to reach the high level in the same period last year. It is expected that the monthly export volume will remain at about 45000 tons

as for the domestic market price, the impact magnitude g expected from the domestic trade demand in the month also decreased slightly. At this time, the reduced export volume will undoubtedly increase the domestic sales pressure. Therefore, it is very difficult for zhuochuang to increase the titanium dioxide price in the month, or it will fall into a long-term stalemate and consolidation stage

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