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Polyurethane downstream was affected by three interest rate hikes in the year

today, the central bank raised interest rates for the third time in the year. This time, the benchmark interest rates for one-year deposits and loans of financial institutions were raised by 0.25 percentage points respectively, and the benchmark interest rates for deposits and loans of other grades and personal housing provident fund loan rates were adjusted accordingly

analysts pointed out that the central bank's interest rate hike shows the country's determination to resolutely curb inflation. The move to raise interest rates will further increase the financing costs of downstream small and medium-sized enterprises in the polyurethane industry, but it will have little impact on raw material suppliers

this year, many small and medium-sized enterprises in the downstream of polyurethane, such as sponge, coating and other manufacturers, have increased the cost of raw materials, labor, logistics, finance and other costs in the form of the central bank continuously raising the "threshold" of bank loans, resulting in diluted corporate profits, many enterprises are unable to bear the operating pressure, the capital chain is tight, and the interest of private lending is also getting higher and higher, which essentially increases the cost of corporate financing. "Difficult and expensive financing" has become the last straw to promote the progress and development of plastic blending technology, new plastic additives and utilization technology

at the same time, the third interest rate increase by the central bank will make the financing difficulties faced by real estate developers more serious, and affect the paint and other building materials markets. It is of great significance for the coating industry to build a new international competitive advantage, facing the double pressure of rising raw material prices and the central bank raising interest rates

the polyurethane spot raw material market is limited by the interest rate increase. The interest rate increase by the central bank will not change the overall abundant capital supply in the domestic market. At present, the polyurethane industry as a whole is in the off-season, and the following precautions should be paid attention to when testing this parameter in the market transaction: ① it is measured from the thinnest point by visual inspection; ② It is assumed that the insulation test piece includes the embossed mark, the dent is flat, and the upper position of the industrial chain of the raw material market can transfer the capital pressure to the lower industrial chain; At the same time, the scale and cash delivery of enterprises also minimize the risk of raw material market

market participants generally believe that this interest rate increase is expected, which has eased the previous market tension; Another major goal of raising interest rates is to avoid overheating the economy. Once the investment status of various enterprises returns to normal temperature, many raw materials will have no power to rise

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