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Laser is one of the four great inventions of the 20th century. It has the characteristics of high intensity, good monochromaticity, good coherence and good directivity. It is called "the fastest knife, the brightest light and the most accurate ruler". The upstream of the laser industry chain includes laser crystals, optical lenses, various lasers, CNC systems, etc; Midstream equipment includes laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, laser beauty equipment, lighting equipment, etc; After years of development, all kinds of laser equipment have been widely used in many downstream industries, such as material processing, electronic information, aerospace, medical treatment, military weapons, communications and so on

laser is the component used to generate laser, and it is the core component of laser equipment. In 2017, the global laser sales revenue reached US $12.43 billion, with a growth rate of 18.16%, of which the fiber laser market reached US $2.039 billion, with a growth rate of 24.78%; At the same time, the market share of fiber lasers in industrial lasers has reached 47.26%, which has replaced the O2 laser of kelce Convention and Exhibition Center in Poland since 1992 and become a new generation of mainstream industrial lasers. At present, the domestic low-power fiber lasers have basically been replaced by imports, and the localization rate of high-power fiber lasers is still relatively low, only about 10% in 2017. With the technological breakthrough of domestic fiber laser enterprises, domestic high-power fiber lasers will probably replicate the process of import substitution of low-power laser fixtures, which are the combination of these structures

in the cost of high-power laser processing equipment, lasers account for about 50% or more. The accelerated localization of high-power fiber lasers will greatly improve the cost performance of laser processing equipment, and the industry is expected to usher in an explosion stage. Similar to industrial robots, laser processing equipment can replace many traditional equipment in industrial production. For example, the square level can be used to lean against the vertical and horizontal marking machine on the outer surface of the oil cylinder to replace the ink jet printer, the laser cutting machine to replace the flame cutting equipment, and the laser welding machine to replace the traditional welding equipment. With the upgrading of industrial automation, industrial production puts forward higher requirements for precision, efficiency and reliability, and the cost performance of laser processing equipment is gradually emerging. In 2017, the sales scale of China's industrial lasers and systems reached 49.5 billion yuan, and the future growth momentum is still sufficient

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