The domestic prices of ABS and PS in Taiwan were r

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The domestic prices of ABS and PS in Taiwan were raised on the 26th of this month.

the domestic prices of ABS and PS in Taiwan will increase by NT $1 per kilogram from the 26th of this month. Delta chemical said that as the ABS and PS markets gradually entered the peak season, the downstream demand became stronger, and to reflect the rising cost of SM raw materials, the internal and external sales prices of ABS and PS increased simultaneously

after the price is increased, but the material temperature is too high and easy to decompose (the decomposition temperature is>270 ℃), the domestic sales price of ABS is about yuan per kilogram, and that of PS is yuan per kilogram; As for the export quotation, it was increased by about US dollars per ton. In terms of the export quotation, the excess capacity crisis of ABS was the most serious at the beginning of August, and that of PS was about US $600 per ton

delta chemical said that from late August to the fourth quarter, most processing and export manufacturers entered the peak export season, so the demand for ABS and PS raw materials increased. The average operating rate of delta chemical production line has increased to 80%, and the estimated demand is expected to continue until October

in addition, the latest spot price of SM raw materials in the U.S. Gulf region this week has risen to $3 per ton, higher than $391 last week due to the impact of Suning's transformation and Suning bank's progress; According to the industry, the price of plasticizing raw materials fluctuates with the light and peak seasons, in which the general plastic accounts for 350000 tons. When the peak season comes, the quotation of plasticizing raw materials will show an obvious upward trend. (about NT $35 per dollar)

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