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"Rongshida model" opens a new era of smart home

recently, in order to implement the instructions of the State Council on "paying attention to summarizing the experience of 'mass entrepreneurship and innovation' of large enterprises", the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, Anhui Province and Hefei municipal governments have successively organized large enterprise "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" experience research groups to apply the partnership system to Rongshida, integrate social resources, and create a "smart home full value chain mass entrepreneurship and innovation" platform, The practice of realizing value and benefit sharing was investigated. Recently, in order to implement the instructions of the State Council on paying attention to summarizing the experience of mass entrepreneurship and innovation of large enterprises, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, governments at all levels of Anhui Province and Hefei have successively organized research groups on the experience of mass entrepreneurship and innovation of large enterprises to investigate the practice of Rongshida in using the partnership system, integrating social resources, building a smart home full value chain mass entrepreneurship and innovation platform, and realizing value and benefit sharing

at present, China's manufacturing industry is facing a difficult transformation. On the one hand, China's manufacturing industry is facing overcapacity, but on the other hand, Chinese people carry back toilet lids one after another from neighboring countries and all kinds of pots and pans from Europe. Professor Li Daokui of Tsinghua University said that China's manufacturing industry is not overcapacity, and the Chinese market is not without demand, but the manufacturing industry is unable to provide advanced products that consumers need. China needs advanced and high-end manufacturing industry and real supply side reform to reconstruct the competitiveness of manufacturing industry

promote mass entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship from the company's strategic level

Rongshida, with a development history of more than 60 years, has experienced countless industrial transformation waves, and has focused its core business on three sectors in the process of industrial transformation: household appliances, new energy, and building materials. Like countless manufacturing enterprises in China, at present, Rongshida is looking for its starting point in the era of IOT. How to take advantage of its advantageous assets to transform into an intelligent era, and truly stand on the tuyere of IOT, Rongshida has its own transformation logic and innovation logic

in the view of Pan Baochun, chairman of Rongshida electronic and electrical appliances group, mass entrepreneurship and innovation needs top-level design and must be promoted at the strategic level of the company, so that it is possible to inject vitality into the transformation and upgrading of large enterprises, and the friction resistance of the living experimental machine is mainly caused by maximizing the force between the working cylinder and the working plug. Pan Baochun hopes to bring engine effect to the company through the innovation of enterprise system and mechanism, promote the genetic transformation of Rongshida Group in the era of IOT, and accelerate the transformation of the company

Rongshida is one of many manufacturing enterprises in China that are exploring transformation and upgrading. Pan Baochun hopes that Rongshida will transform into a globally focused and proud company in China in the wave of IOT. In his view, manufacturing will be the third national competitive weapon after military and currency. China, a large manufacturing country, must transform into a manufacturing power. China has the opportunity to restructure its manufacturing competitiveness. Rongshida chose smart home as its strategic direction

data show that by 2020, the scale of smart home market will exceed trillion yuan, and China will be the largest smart home market. It is said that the global economy in the 21st century sees China's urbanization. The reason why we want to mention China's urbanization and real estate is that smart home cannot be separated from the house and talk about intelligence. Real estate has the advantage of efficient integration of IOT application scenario resources and intelligent hardware. When many manufacturers from different camps enter the smart home market from various paths, one dimension is ignored, that is, building materials

at present, we can see many manufacturers in Nuggets smart home, including home appliance schools represented by Haier, Midea and Gree, software schools represented by Microsoft, Xiaomi and 360, and platform schools represented by Alibaba and JD. In fact, the current market is showing the house wide intelligent characteristics of building materials for household appliances and intelligent building materials. In this context, it is more logical for Rongshida, which integrates the advantages of home appliances, new energy and building materials, to move towards the field of smart home than other camps

but it must be admitted that Rongshida also has shortcomings in the path to smart home. From new energy, home appliances and building materials to smart home whole house system solution providers, Rongshida needs to inject intelligence and build a smart home whole industry chain. When many large enterprises are enthusiastically and somewhat aimlessly embracing mass entrepreneurship and innovation, the mass entrepreneurship and innovation promoted by Rongshida has given a precise positioning: to supplement and enrich the smart home value chain for the company's strategic transformation and upgrading. Based on this top-level design, Rongshida launched an innovation and entrepreneurship center in the whole value chain of smart home. Decompose the key technologies and products of its strategy and value chain, define the product planning as smart home series products and control systems, and identify and screen innovation and entrepreneurship projects on this basis

unlike the mass entrepreneurship and innovation platforms of other large enterprises, Rongshida's mass entrepreneurship and innovation center faces the whole society, and all teams and individuals in need can become members of the mass entrepreneurship and innovation center. Rongshida hopes to build an innovation value chain without walls

let industrialization become the focus of mass entrepreneurship and innovation

pan Baochun's sentence is very impressive: if innovation cannot be used by industry, industrialization cannot be carried out, and it is also playing hooligans

based on the strategic intention of serving the enterprise and the purpose of accelerating the transformation of the enterprise, for makers, creatives and entrepreneurs, the starting point of Rongshida's mass entrepreneurship and innovation choice is the projects in the acceleration period rather than the incubation period. The projects of the mass entrepreneurship and innovation center are all mature and semi mature projects. Of course, if it has been evaluated as a very promising incubation period project, Rongshida will also not let go

at present, the main reason why most incubation projects are difficult to succeed is the lack of marketization and industrialization ability. Therefore, in promoting the industrialization of entrepreneurial teams, Rongshida has its own unique entrepreneurship and innovation acceleration methodology of learning from each other's strengths and complementing resources. For start-ups or entrepreneurs, Rongshida's brand, capital, channels and other resource advantages can quickly make up for the shortcomings of start-ups

an idea and product prototype need to match at least nine elements before it can truly realize industrialization and large-scale development. Ma Rui, executive vice president of Rongshida electronic appliance group, said that the advantageous resources of large enterprises such as capital, brand, information, technology, manufacturing, management, culture, human resources and market are also elements that start-ups lack. To speed up the development of these start-ups, they need to be in accordance with their different stages and needs, What are the inspection points and maintenance of plastic tensile testing machine before use? Introduce corresponding resources and accelerate the industrialization of start-up projects and start-ups

Transformation: the troika is heading for smart home

data show that by 2020, the market scale of smart home will exceed 2trillion yuan, becoming a very attractive part of the IOT market. Under the smart home goal of providing a safe, convenient, comfortable, efficient, artistic, environment-friendly and energy-saving living environment for mankind, too much innovation space, value-added space and imagination space can exist. From the perspective that the market scale depends on creativity, the smart home market may far exceed the scale of two trillion yuan in 2020. Therefore, the smart home market has become a battleground for it manufacturers, Internet manufacturers and home appliance manufacturers

the three key businesses of Rongshida: home appliances, new energy, and building materials are all related to home. Therefore, when many manufacturers from different camps all fall in love with and layout the smart home market, it is not surprising that Rongshida's strategic goal of transformation and upgrading is to focus on smart home and become a provider of smart home environmental system solutions. In fact, Haier, Midea and Changhong in the home appliance department, Microsoft, 360 and Xiaomi in the IT department, and and Alibaba, which are interconnected, have also invested a lot of resources in this field, covering the smart home market from different paths. From these perspectives, these competitors who are also competing in the smart home market are not ordinary people

what does Rongshida rely on to fight the world of smart home? Pan Baochun said: at present, among all the manufacturers who want to enter the smart home market, there is no building materials, and building materials are the most important part of home furnishing. Rongshida can use the Internet technology and ideas of home appliance enterprises to upgrade the traditional building materials industry, enter the field of smart home, build the whole value chain of smart home, and seize the commanding height of smart home technology

caihongyan, chairman of Beijing IOT port, also expressed a similar view with Pan Baochun. Real estate and building decoration are the most efficient system integrators of IOT such as intelligent hardware and smart home

this is just a small example. In the era of IOT, through multi-dimensional equipment and environmental data collection, Rongshida may become a real smart home environment system solution provider, service provider, service provider that provides customers with the required air system, water system, nursing system, food system, and a data service + equipment manufacturing supplier

path: take single products as a breakthrough to move towards the whole house intelligence

ideal is beautiful, reality is skinny. How does Rongshida company transform? How to turn ideal into reality? What kind of path to advance

Ma Rui revealed that the promotion path of Rongshida is to take a number of items as a breakthrough, and gradually build it into an intelligent solution provider for the whole house, building ten smart home ecosystems, including social living room, lazy kitchen, healthy bedroom, smart balcony, super bathroom, smart study, smart love restaurant, smart clothes room, smart garage and smart beauty garden

Ma Rui takes the toilet as an example. Rongshida began to produce toilets in 2003, produced intelligent toilet covers in 2004, and will produce super toilets in December 2016. It is expected to produce super toilets in 2017. By 2018, it hopes to provide intelligent whole house solutions

according to Chen Yong, vice president of Rongshida Research Institute, Rongshida is currently jointly developing a super toilet with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In addition to its well-known functions such as constant temperature heating, care and cleaning, water-saving and cleaning, this toilet can detect and feed back various physical and biochemical indicators related to human health because it integrates artificial intelligence, microwave sensing, near-infrared spectral reflection, ZigBee wireless group and other technologies, It can provide intelligent health services. It can identify the identity of family members, detect their physical properties such as stool, quality and viscosity, and detect indicators such as urea, occult blood, creatinine and sugar. At the same time, it can evaluate the health status of users and give reasonable health suggestions by measuring their blood pressure, fat content and vital capacity. From the perspective of user experience, because of such a toilet, users have not found any difference between the toilet now and the toilet in the past, and there is no sense of conflict. Instead, they take better care of the user's toilet experience. All the user's body data are under the palm control of this smart toilet

the first generation uses conventional deformed aluminum alloy

at the same time, Rongshida's intelligent toilet project has also been launched, which will cover the full intelligent toilet system of intelligent toilet, intelligent bathing and safety protection, and will include intelligent photos

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