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In recent years, the demand of China's beverage market has changed dramatically, and the frozen food supply chain in major cities is gradually taking shape. Therefore, new requirements are put forward for customers who use roof type carton packaging, which is how to ensure that after long-distance transportation turbulence, as well as the fluctuation of humidity and temperature, the food finally placed on the shelf can remain fresh No moisture, no leakage

tetra Rex plus has been launched by Tetra Pak, which is specially designed for high-end beverages. In terms of appearance design, the top of Tetra Pak is not symmetrical like the traditional roof type, but has a large area on the side facing the consumer, so that customers can use a larger cover, and can customize covers of different colors and shapes, such as fruit shape, leaf shape, and geometric figures to highlight the attraction and image of the product. Its surface is made into metal effect, thereby increasing the value of the product. In order to meet the needs of domestic and domestic customers, the Beijing factory of the company can produce Tetra Pak packaging materials in large quantities, with specifications of 250, 500 and 1000 ml

the following effects can be obtained by using the forming technology of "the bottom of Sahara", overlapping and converting the fifth plate and increasing the sixth plate: (1) ensure that all paper edges are not penetrated by moisture; (2) Better prevent the damage caused by the conveyor belt during transportation; (3) Provide more protection for low-fat products; (4) Improve the efficiency of distribution and transportation. The carton adopting this technology does not need to change the original specification of the packaging material, and only needs to be installed on the current filling equipment with easy to pack accessories

according to relevant reports, rust, molding sand, oil and other dirt should be carefully removed before international priming and painting. The carton materials used in the "fresh house" roof carton packaging system of the paper company have unique characteristics. Coupled with the optional nature of bolted bottle cap packaging (spuutrak) and a variety of different or special specifications, this packaging method is widely welcomed. For the convenience of users, the company also provides GTL-60 filling machine newly proposed by evergreen packaging equipment of the United States. The machine adopts modular design, the production station is cleaner and sanitary, and the filling capacity is from 177 ml to 1150 ml, with stepless adjustment. The synchronous belt and pneumatic components with long service life of the transmission system greatly reduce the maintenance cost; The working area of the filling machine is cleaner, and the unique ascending filling reduces the generation of foam. The brand awareness is further increased, and the volumetric filling makes the filling more accurate and stable. The patented low-pressure circuit sealing cylinder makes the sealing of products more tight and safe, and the patented pyramid carton bottom makes the placement of products more stable. The biggest feature of this machine is the modular design, which enables manufacturers to add auxiliary systems according to market needs. If two filling production lines are set up, different specifications of products can be produced at the same time. Two product cylinders are configured according to the different needs of the manufacturer, different products can be produced at the same time, and the filling head can be changed according to the market demand to produce large particle fruit. The diameter of fruit particles can reach 30mm. Adding a capping system can upgrade the products. In order to extend the shelf life of the product, the filling machine can be installed with HEPA system or ESL system. Hep uses filtered air to form a positive pressure in the filling room according to the announcement a system, so as to prevent the invasion of foreign pollution air reports. ESL technology makes the cartons undergo hydrogen peroxide and UV sterilization treatment, and automatically disinfects the filling station to extend the shelf life of products

in order to display the roof carton packaging on the retail shelves in the best state, it is also necessary to solve the problems caused by long-distance transportation, high humidity and poor distribution conditions. During transportation, moisture and vibration will weaken the strength of the fiber at the bottom of the box, causing a damp bottom and eventually causing leakage. Then, the problem of the bottom of the tide worsened. Other factors include lubricants from the conveyor belt, condensate caused by entering and leaving the cold storage, and low-fat products that weaken the strength of paper fibers. The leakage of packaging will affect the image of the product brand, cause the merchants to return goods, reduce the manufacturer's profits, and reduce the credibility and reputation of the product in the eyes of consumers. In order to face this challenge, engineers invented a Tetra Pak box "at the bottom of Sahara". This patented carton structure improves the ability of the carton to resist moisture and effectively solves the problem of carton leakage by heightening the uncoated paper edge on the substrate to leave the wet surface. The head of milk crystal and Beverage Department of Australian milk farms Association believes that Tetra Pak with enhanced bottom significantly reduces the incidence of moisture penetration in cartons. Even the moisture penetration rate of the difficult low-fat milk cartons has also been reduced, "the domestic industrial supply chain has been gradually improved

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