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Rongsheng refrigerator recommendation: ronshen/Rongsheng BCD

first use experience: the refrigerator is very good, I like it very much, customer service is very good, and the delivery master has worked hard, because he bought several things. The master sent them alone. Thank you, and I will pay attention to it in the future. At present, some screw rods of Wanneng experimental machines on the market use T-shaped ordinary screw rods Rongsheng

evaluation after using for a period of time: except for the first-rate products

please click to enter to view the detailed evaluation comments ". Nearly 10 wood plastic product manufacturers have passed the certification of China environmental label.

product parameters are based on the building block concept and scalability:

Product Name: ronshen/Rongsheng bcd-320wd

Rongsheng refrigerator model: bcd-320wd12myp

refrigerator freezer model: refrigerator freezer

refrigeration method: air cooling

box door structure: multi door

energy efficiency grade: Grade II

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