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Rookie smart logistics prepares for the double 11 robot warehouse group becomes the protagonist

on October 17, the double 11 is coming. Rookie network released the world's leading flagship warehouse of super robots in Huiyang, Guangdong Province. Hundreds of robots can deliver more than one million pieces a day, which will provide extreme logistics services for consumers in southern China and Hong Kong. Such warehouses are being launched in Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hubei and other places. This is the first time in the world to use robot warehouse group operation on the logistics volume of the double 11, which will drive the logistics industry into a new stage of wisdom

in July this year, a robot warehouse was launched in Huiyang, Guangdong Province, but it can only cope with the usual peak orders. According to the prediction of the relevant personnel of the State Post Bureau, the logistics order volume will reach a new level during the "double 11" this year. It is difficult to ensure efficiency by manual operation, which requires the large-scale application of smart logistics. Cainiaolu intelligent warehousing experts said that in just one hour, the old warehouse area, which was originally full of shelves, was emptied, while the new warehouse area was quickly filled with goods in an orderly manner. In 2014, 12 high-speed railways will be built and operated across the country, and millions of goods will be transported in the whole process

the upgraded robot warehouse not only has a larger area and more robots, but also the algorithm has been iteratively updated according to the logistics characteristics of the double 11. It will be put into operation as the flagship warehouse of the double 11 smart logistics, and the single warehouse delivery can exceed one million pieces

novice network technology experts revealed that as the flagship warehouse of tmall's double 11, Huiyang robot warehouse was built by robots themselves. They have all gone through in-depth learning. As long as the basic electrical facilities are completed in an empty warehouse, the robot can independently complete the construction of the intelligent warehouse. The traditional warehouse transfer construction, which only moves the goods, will cost a lot of time and manpower, which may not only damage the goods, but also affect the normal operation of the warehouse. Once the operation is stopped to move the warehouse, it will affect the inventory turnover of businesses

before the double 11 this year, the rookie network was on the zigzag experimental machine display mode: data and curves were dynamically displayed with the experimental process. Various types of robot warehouses, including automated assembly lines, AGV robots, robotic arms and other equipment, would be launched in places such as Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Hubei, so as to improve the logistics operation efficiency driven by the algorithm

take the flagship warehouse of Huiyang robot as an example. The AGV robot here has changed the previous way of manually searching for goods in the warehouse, and the robot brings the goods to the picker. In the past, a picker can only pick up more than 1000 goods by walking 60000 or 70000 steps a day. With the help of the robot, a picker can only walk twoorthree steps a day. The original number of goods to be picked must be more than three times that of the latest developments in contemporary science and technology

rookies also showed that, in addition to various types of robot warehouses, tmall's double 11 will work on new retail this year. At that time, smart logistics will also open up online and offline, and new logistics distribution methods such as Omni channel inventory and store delivery will appear, accelerating tmall's double 11 package through technological innovation

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