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Tianjin rooftop photovoltaic power generation equipment

Tianjin rooftop photovoltaic power generation equipment

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Tianjin rooftop photovoltaic power generation equipment. Tianjin baiyili new energy technology is a manufacturer specializing in the production of solar photovoltaic supports, mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of photovoltaic support systems. Adhering to the business philosophy of promoting and popularizing the application of clean energy, by integrating various resources at home and abroad, we have successively launched a series of high-quality and innovative products, such as inclined roof supports, adjustable angle roof supports, flat roof supports, ground supports, column supports, etc. It is mainly used in industrial plants, commercial buildings, residential roofs, agricultural facilities, remote areas, etc. There are few kinds of cold-formed steel workpieces in China, which cannot completely meet the needs of the market. Once the surface in contact with the sample is made of sticky soft rubber, once an enterprise starts to recover a certain workpiece and the benefit is relatively good, some enterprises outside the industry will herd together to carry out homogenization and mutual assistance, make a big price war, risk their lives to raise production capital, and thus greatly raise the quality of the workpiece. However, some workpieces with high strength, high elongation and excellent comprehensive efficiency are difficult to apply, and lack the mood of research and development. Due to the weakness of cold-formed steel enterprises in terms of capital, talents, wonderful technology and equipment, they also choose the workpiece grade. The cold-formed steel workpieces of international small and medium-sized enterprises mainly assume low-end building profiles such as C-section steel, Z-section steel, rectangular tube and color steel tile, which have high technical content. Many enterprises cannot produce the high-precision, high-grade, high-grade, ultra-thin, ultra-large and ultra-small cold-formed steel workpieces supporting the professional scope

the difficulties encountered by the photovoltaic industry are not temporary. In the whole industry, we will find that the domestic photovoltaic market is obviously lack of competitiveness. The development of more than 800 chemical patents granted by most enterprises is an explosive way. As a new energy, there is no market acceptance process, and most of it is policy support for the photovoltaic industry

in the face of the changes in the photovoltaic market and the imperfection of the market mechanism, the market mechanism is gradually expanded in the photovoltaic industry. In the process of market restructuring, the survival of the fittest and centralized improvement

in the past, the market developed blindly without forming market demand, and there were contradictions in the use of most products. For example, the investment after purchasing equipment is inversely proportional to the utilization rate, that is, after the products are put into the fertilizer and the introduction of equipment, it is found that the use of products is not cost-effective using electricity price, etc

the photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly in the global market. In some foreign markets with better forms, we will find that all photovoltaic industries are restricting production, raising the threshold of photovoltaic production to prevent excessive expansion, and providing sufficient market subsidies internally, but not interfering with necessary market competition. Therefore, it is very necessary to introduce market mechanisms in learning

distributed photovoltaic power generation system, also known as distributed power generation or distributed energy supply, refers to configuring a smaller photovoltaic power supply system at or near the user site to meet the needs of specific users, support the economic operation of existing power distribution, or meet the requirements of these two aspects at the same time

the basic equipment of distributed photovoltaic power generation system includes photovoltaic cell modules, photovoltaic array supports, DC combiner boxes, DC distribution cabinets, parallel inverters, AC distribution cabinets and other equipment, as well as power supply system monitoring devices and environmental monitoring devices. Its operation mode is that under the condition of solar radiation, the solar cell module array of the photovoltaic power generation system converts the solar energy into the output electric energy, which is sent to the DC distribution cabinet through the DC combiner box, and the inverter inverts the current to supply the building itself with this load, and the excess or insufficient power is adjusted by connecting electricity

at present, many enterprises have begun to develop a new material with carbon fiber as the main component, which is characterized by the use of carbon fiber materials, which do not contain metal components, so there is no rust

because carbon fiber has good expansibility and ductility, it can also carry out certain bending deformation in special environments, which is suitable for the installation of photovoltaic modules in specific environments

the process and cost of carbon fiber photovoltaic supports are also cheaper than metal photovoltaic supports. It is believed that they will also replace the traditional metal photovoltaic supports in the future market competition

at the same time, the carbon fiber photovoltaic support has super corrosion resistance and acid-base resistance, which is unmatched by the metal support

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